Best Gaming Chair For Tall People – Why & How To Choose?

Best Gaming Chair For Tall People

Many gamers with extraordinary body heights have found it hard to buy the best gaming chair for tall people. There are tons of things to learn and prepare; then, you can improve the situation.

But first, we should know the importance of this chair seeking journey.

Why Must be the Best Gaming Chair for Tall People? 

	best gaming chair for tall guys

The best chair is not to create a perfect mix-and-match for the gaming corner only. It plays a crucial role in protecting your physical health and satisfying the gaming experience as well. 

For superior comfort, the right gaming chair comes with a sturdy frame for maximum support and additional cushioning. So, you will not feel uncomfortable for gaming hours.  

Plus, a chair designed for big gamers has its components in the right places for body strain reduction. The proper padding will protect your neck, back, and shoulders from getting discomfort. 

Sitting on the best gaming chair with a comfortable position enables you to concentrate at a high level. Consequently, it is a fantastic chance to enjoy the perfect gaming experience. 

Things to Consider Before Choosing

Next, we are going to mention some elements to find gaming chairs for tall gamers. Let’s see what they are.


There are five types of gaming chairs used for gamers with different designs and features.

  • PC chair: It is nearly the same as a typical computer/office chair. But the ergonomic feature is an additional point making this chair more suitable for gamers.  
  • Rocker chair: Instead of having legs, the chair is in the L shape sitting on the floor. 
  • Racing chair: It is exceptionally ideal for racing games. The design includes pedals, a steering wheel, and a framework.
  • Pedestal chair: There is a pedestal under the seat of this one for making adjustments when needed.
  • Bean-bag chair: The bean bag style will give you so much comfort while gaming.


best gaming chair for big and tall guys

As mentioned to the size, we often have four dimensions to consider. They include backrest height and width, as well as seat width and depth. 

Backrest Height

The backrest does the function of supporting the entire lumbar spine. This part must cover your upper backs along with the neck. An optimal backrest height should be equal the height from your neck to waist. 

Backrest Width

In terms of the backrest width, we recommend a few inches wider than your waist. In case that you love to have more room for wriggle, more extra width will never be a bad idea. 

Seat Width

Firstly, we measure the width between your left and right hips. Then, we choose the seat width, which is approximately two inches wider than that measurement. And it should be four inches wider if you need more wriggle room. 

Seat Depth

Thanks to the suitable seat depth, your legs can stretch comfortably about five inches away from the seat edge.

Then, your legs will not get tired because of sitting for hours. This depth is the distance from the position where your back leans on the backrest to your knee. 


Both capacity and durability of the chair also affect comfort and body support indirectly.

We suggest you choose products with a high-quality metal frame which can support the body weight at least 300 lbs.

Furthermore, in terms of easier maintenance, a PU leather finish will always be a high recommendation due to its stain-resistance and breathability.  


Another most important element is comfort. Besides high and wide gaming chairs, no normal ones on the market cannot bring this thing for tall gamers.

The chair with suitable width and height will give you excellent support, especially for the upper body, including neck and shoulders. 


A highly recommended gaming chair is always the one that can support multiple sitting positions.

You had better choose the chairs with as many features regarding adjustability as possible. They may be 4D armrest, detachable headrest, or retractable footrest. 

Top 5 best gaming chair for tall people 

The following is the top 5 recommendation of a high-rated gaming chair for tall people on the market recently. You can explore, get one, and have your own experience.

#1. AKRacing Masters Series

AKRacing Masters Series

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#2. Habada E-Sports Swivel Chair

Habada E-Sports Swivel Chair

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#3. RESPAWN 110 


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#4. OFM Essentials Collection

OFM Essentials Collection

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#5. RESPAWN Fortnite OMEGA-Xi 


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We hope that our buying guide to have the best gaming chair for tall people is useful. If you are still confusing, feel free to drop us a line because our team is 100% ready to help. 

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