How To String A Weedeater – The Secret Some May Not Know

After some rainy days, it dawns on you that the lawn in front of your house has grown out so fast, and you really need to cut it off to make your surroundings perfect again. If so, what you need is a weedeater.

But if you are new to this gardening tool, it seems to be a bit of a hassle to get everything right. As stringing a weed eater is just one minor phase in the assembly of a string trimmer, it is sometimes carelessly neglected and finished. 

Bear in mind that every single step contributes significantly to your work efficiency.  So how to string a weedeater? Continue to find out the answer in the following article!

Basic Information About A Weedeater

Before diving deeper into our guidance, let’s walk through some basic information about weedeaters.

The common name of a weed eater is a string trimmer. Weed Eaters are lightweight tools that work with a rapidly rotating microfilament string.

A weed eater is considered a garden machine, mostly used for cutting grass. In the farming sector, it is considered as a breakthrough, as weed eaters have surpassed every other cutting methods. Mechanically, a string trimmer functions close to a lawnmower.

craftsman weed eater string

Weed Eaters are used for cleaning up after mowing — in roads, gateways, or tight spaces that are not convenient for the laundry mower. For these jobs, you may not need much strength, but versatility and comfort are the main reasons why cable-free or electric grass trimmers are the best alternatives. The edger modification is also added.

There are different types of the weed eater and you can choose from this wide range, depending on your workload. 

You can use a medium weed eater, which is thin, lightweight, and convenient to clean your garden once or twice a week. This kind of weed eater can significantly aid you in your work and does not require a lot of time or resources.

If you are facing a quite heavy-duty task, we suggest you purchase big trimmers to cut down the lawn quickly. They are often called brush cutters, which require dual-handed operation and enable the use of the metal blade to cut the dense wooden brush.

Step-To-Step Guidance On How To Put String on Weedeater

Now let’s come to your favorite part! Stringing a weed eater will be simple as a piece of cake in the event that you give it a little care and a thorough investigation. Let’s check it out!

echo weed eater string

Instructions on how to put a string on weedeater:

1. Separate the Spool

First, push the taps or flip them, so that the holding ring connected to the head of the weed eater can be changed. Keep in mind that different weedeater is associated with varying strategies for separating the spool from the head of the weed eater.

2. Cut the String

After that, cut the rope in the range of 15 to 25 feet, depending on the size of the spool. Don’t worry about cutting the chain longer than the requirement, because when you wind the reel, you can remove the additional ends. If you choose a two-string weed eater, then repeat cutting for the second string.

3. Move the String

Find the tiny hole(s) in the spool core. After that, move the plastic string through the cavity by around half an inch. The spool is then separated into two parts. There’s one hole(s) per section.

4. Obey the Arrow Path of the Spool

When the string goes through it, obey the arrow path of the spindle. In other words, before you overlap, you must wind this line to the spool so that it doesn’t tangle when used. 

This is done. If your weed eater has two strings, just repeat this step on the other side of the spool and remember to leave every end of your model 6 inches unwound.

5. Hold the String

stihl weed eater string

Break the end of the chain through the hole, typically on the bottom of the conduit. The main function of the grooves is to hold the string so it does not unwind when the spool is replaced.

6. Place the Sponge Back

Within the weed eater’s head, place the sponge back where it belongs. when finished, simply release the loose length of the string from the aforementioned notches.

You would then have to feed the loose ends through the eyelets of the trimmer, known as “panel outlets,” found in the trimmer head. Do it again for the second string, as normal, if your pattern has one.

7. Snap the Holding Ring

Snap the holding ring back into place or hold on the trimmer head if needed. Sweep the retaining ring around a little to make sure it’s secure. That’s all to do to string your weed eater.

Tips: How To Make Your String Last Longer?

how to string a grasshog weedeater

Stringing the weed eater, even with a detailed guide, remains a tedious task. Even worse, a few minutes after you feed it, your stringing can cause problems to the trimmer.

Such a pain in the neck! 

Is there any way to make strings last longer? Fortunately, there are several effective solutions. Scroll down to know! 

1. Tips for Weed Feeding

When feeding the spool, it is essential to keep the cords parallel to the ground. This avoids the strings hitting dirt or rocks. 

Feed new string only when you ask for your weed whacker. But how could you know that? You might be asking.  Our recommendation is to “listen” to the trimmer. You may need some practice, but saving strings for more use is worth the effort. If not, you may run out of strings pretty quickly. 

2. String Type 

The lifespan of a string depends on a series of factors. 

First, we have the string size, which plays a key role in determining the length of your string. Cord sizes are available in three main types, lightweight, medium-heavy, and very heavy. 

We believe that you should switch on a metal blade when you can not cut the grass with or above 0.095 string. 

The second factor is the form of the string. On the market, there are circular, multi-faceted, diamond, and twisted strings, etc.

In terms of consistency and longevity, our knowledge shows that multi-side strings are safer than circular strings. 

3. Hold the Cords

homelite weed eater string

You obviously need to protect the cords for a longer lifespan. 

Do not expose strings to direct sunlight. It is advisable to water them when the temperature is too hot to avoid thermal disruption. The thicker the lines are, the longer they are to be swallowed. 

Another trick is to keep the strings filled with a damp towel in a plastic bag. 

Last but not least, stop the full throttle of the weed eater. You know, the full-speed trimmer can generate heat which could melt the lines and cause line welding. 

Therefore, set the throttle to a sufficient height when cutting down the plants. Most of the time, you don’t need to activate the full-throttle mode.

Final Thoughts

Gardening once in a while may give us a splitting headache if we don’t know how to string weed eater – a fundamental tool for the basic work of gardening. 

In this post, we have guided you on how to string a weed eater. In accordance with our step-by-step tutorial, you will enjoy gardening. Have a pleasant time in your garden!

How To Replace Qualcast Strimmer Spool – The Ultimate Guide for 2020


Do you know that you have to change the spool of your Qualcast strimmer usually? No? It’s alright!

In this article, we will give you in-depth instruction on how to replace Qualcast strimmer spool and explain the reason why you have to do that. Believe us, this job is not hard and will not take much of your time.

If you are ready, then dive into the details now!

Why Do You Need To Change The Qualcast Strimmer Spool

How To Replace Qualcast Strimmer Spool

A strimmer seems to be so familiar with gardeners. It is a good machine that can help you quickly clean your grassy garden without breaking a sweat.

However, you have to change your spool often. That makes you wonder why you have to do that, right? 

Do not panic as it is very understandable. The reason is, the strings of the spool can break after a time of use. If the strings break, you are not able to use the trimmer.

In order to continue using the machine, you have to insert a new line. This line is wound closely on the trimmer spool.

 As the machine runs to trim the grass in your garden, it will wear out from the spool. And when the wearing out process is finished, the spool will break off, making the strimmer useless.

Now you have already known how important changing the spool is. You must be very curious about how to replace Qualcast strimmer spool step by step, right? Let’s move to the next section immediately!

How To Replace Qualcast Strimmer Spool?

This is your most expected part, right? You don’t have to wait any longer. Here come the 5 easiest steps of how to replace Qualcast strimmer spool!

Step 1: Get Rid of The Head Spool

How To Replace Qualcast Strimmer Spool

The very first step you have to do is get rid of the head of the strimmer. If you remove it completely, the spool will immediately appear in front of your eyes. Then, you will find a small hole inside it. 

Do you know what? This is the spot to begin the strimmer line. On the other hand, you can find some arrows on the spool as well. These arrows are applied to indicate line directions.

While you are getting rid of this spool, do not forget to turn off the machine or disconnect it from the power source if you do not want to be injured. 

After having done this job, you can see the spool underneath the cutting head.

Next, you should separate them by spinning the head clockwise or in the opposite direction until the clip is loosened up. Now, you have the spool released.

Step 2: Make The Spool Empty

How To Replace a Qualcast Strimmer Spool

It’s time to empty the spool. Don’t underestimate this step because it is really necessary. Without it, you have no chance to insert the new line into the spool.

For other parts, attempt to take out as much as you can. Especially, you have to eject the old line so that you can insert the new one in. 

While making the spool empty, you can also take this chance to clean up the spool. Use a towel and add some water to it.

Then wipe the spool carefully to clean all dust, stain, and debris. In fact, this step seems redundant to many people but we still recommend you do this. 

Do you know why? Well, this action can help your machine become more durable and work better in the future.

Step 3: Install a New Line and Wind It

How To Replace th Qualcast Strimmer Spool

Have you done making the spool empty? If yes, you are now able to install a new line and wind it.

At the very beginning, you should hold the new strimmer line and put it into the hole of the spool. Do you remember the arrows we have said above? Follow this direction to wrap the line in rows. 

If you want the line to feed greatly from the strimmer, you need to wrap it as straight as possible. In case you fail to do so, we advise you to take the line out and rewrap it one more time.

A waste of time as it may look like, it can ensure that nothing goes awry when you start working.

Step 4: Assemble The Spool to The Strimmer

Assemble The Spool to The Strimmer

Now, you have completed wrapping the line as our guide. All you need to do next is simply just assemble the spool back to strimmer. Be careful because this may be tricky a little bit.

You should look closely, turn the spool, and try to find the right joints. Anyway, taking out the spool is still easier than doing it in reverse.

Remember: You do not have to do it quickly, stay calm, and do it slowly and carefully. 

Step 5: Recheck the Line

Assemble The Spool to a Strimmer

The last step you need to accomplish is to recheck the line. This process is to make sure that there is no problem with your strimmer. 

Open the machine and cut some grass at a small area for testing. If the trimming line looks bad, you should come back to step 3 and do it again.

On the opposite side, when everything is already ok, you can begin to cut at the larger area.

Some Small Tips that You Have to Remember

After learning the 5 steps of how to replace Qualcast strimmer spool above, you are now able to do the job with ease.

However, if you want to complete the work perfectly, you should refer to some of our small tips.  

Get the Right New Spool

Every strimmer requires a different kind of spool and line to work properly. Therefore, it is necessary to buy the right new spool.

In addition, there is even spool that helps you save money but provides more lines for longer use on the market. So make sure that you ask the provider and check out the products carefully before making the buying decision.

Don’t Force It

As we have said above, just do the job slowly and carefully, and everything will be alright. In fact, this job is not difficult to do, but it will be really hard if you are a careless person.

The spool after is forced too much can be broken down. And then you will have to buy another product and do the job again. You do not want to waste money on this silly situation, right?


In conclusion, we have taught you how to replace Qualcast strimmer spool. As you can see, this work is totally not difficult. All you need to do is follow our steps and apply them carefully.

If you get any trouble, don’t be afraid to contact us. We will reply to you without further delay.

And now, many thanks for your time!

How To Use A Strimmer – This Is How You Work With Different Kind Of Strimmers

Strimmer is known for its features such as string trimmers, line trimmers, weed-whackers, weed eater, and grass trimmers. They are all invented to create beautiful cuts even on the worst terrain. But do you know how to use a strimmer?

The following article will give you more insights into trimmer types as well as how to use weed eater effectively. Let’s scroll down to find out now!

How To Use A Strimmer

3 Types of Strimmer 

How many types of strimmers do you know? Considering it carefully before looking for how to use a strimmer can do you good. Let’s go!

how to use the strimmer


Electric trimmers run on electricity. Therefore, they are often quite cheap compared to other types on the market.

When using the electric trimmers, you can only work near the power source and the cable must belong. So it will be a bit inconvenient for this electric model.


A cordless trimmer is quite expensive in the market because of its flexibility. This trimmer runs on batteries, so you can use them anywhere for a limited period of time.

However, to avoid an aged battery, you should use them for at least 10 to 15 minutes after charging. You can then store them if you do not use them anymore.


If you do not know, petrol strimmer is the most expensive? They use petrol to run, which can actively produce significant results.

Great Rules for Safe Garden Strimming 

Not knowing how to use a strimmer means you are putting yourself in jeopardy.

Then, to ensure safety in your own garden, we have helped you make a list of guidelines to keep in mind when gardening. Let’s check!

how to use a Petrol strimmer

Wear the Appropriate Protective Gear

With a working speed of 3000 revolutions/minute, the trimming machine can hurt you if you do not have protective gear.

You need glasses and masks to protect your entire face. In addition, a sturdy pair of hand gloves and good shoes can help you avoid risks.

On the other hand, you should watch out for noise hazards too. When running, the strimmer makes a very annoying noise, so you can use several ear protectors to focus on working. 

Foresee Flying Debris

Overgrown grass can obscure debris that you can hardly see. So before using the strimmer, examine carefully the entire garden.

It will only take about 5 minutes but you can rule out the possibility of having trouble later on!

Look out for Hazards 

You should identify hazards right before you start using the strimmer. If you use an electric strimmer, cables will be a big deal. When cables are too long, you may trim the wire to bits when gardening because you cannot control them.

Besides, remember that you should never garden when it is raining or the ground is wet. You will probably be injured!

Keep Away from The Line End

The trimming line will probably be a danger that you cannot anticipate. Firstly, when the machine is operating, you should note that you have to wear suitable clothes.

Next, if you need to perform maintenance or repairs the line end, you should turn off the strimmer first and let it cool down completely before working. 

Be Careful of Surroundings

how to use a strimmer safely

You should make sure you have cleaned up everything before using the strimmer. The trimmer line is very sharp and fast, you will not be able to back up if a few items such as fences, pots, decorations around the road are cut.

At that time, everything will turn into debris, and on the other hand, these things can ruin your strimmer.

Wary of Liquid Fuels & Fumes

This is especially for petrol strimmer. So you need to learn how to start a petrol strimmer before using it.

When the strimmer starts, it emits toxic carbon monoxide. Therefore, you need a large and airy space to avoid inhaling too much of these toxic fumes.

Besides, when not in use, you need to store the petrol strimmer in a dry place, avoid fire, and preferably, do not leave them indoors.

Have Breaks

Strimmer makes a very loud noise and extremely strong vibration. So after a period of work, you need to rest.

This will help you return to balance and let the muscles relax. Listen to your body, do not try to overwork. It will never be effective!

Preparation of Using a Strimmer 

Now, please prepare carefully first if you want to learn how to use a strimmer in the most efficient way.

Preparation of Using a Strimmer

Read Your User Manual Carefully

Reading the instructions carefully is very important. Each type of strimmer will have different usage and storage, so you need to have a good understanding of garden tools.

You can read them on the packaging or on the purchase website.

Make Sure Your Garden is Prepared

As mentioned above, you should spend about 10 minutes checking the garden before starting the trimmer.

Please clean the furniture, decorate the house, and of course, leave the children and pets at a safe place too.

Wear Your Safety Equipment

You also need to protect yourself. Make sure that you wear protective gear thoroughly.

What you need is a pair of glasses, a mask, a pair of shoes and long-sleeved clothes. In addition, gloves and ear protectors are also essential.

How to Use a Strimmer as a Professional?

Yeah. Now you are eligible to start the strimmer. Let’s find out how to use a strimmer now!

How to use a strimmer as a professional

Understand the Cutting Direction of Strimmer

You must be wondering how to strim grass by a strimmer, right?

The strimmer works by vacuuming the grass and spool, then pushing the sawdust out of the machine. This lawnmower rotates clockwise.

Normally, for effective use, you should move a strimmer from right to left because the tool will push what you cut to the right, and you can see the cut point on the other side.

Remember Where the Cutting Power Is

Knowing where the cutting power of the machine is focused on is totally necessary. As you know the good spots of the strimmer, you can complete your work better. 

Technically, a strimmer applies a centrifugal force at high speed to do all the trimming jobs. When it reaches its maximal spinning, the line becomes so stiff, increasing the cutting potential greatly.

Typically, a non-advanced gardener will hover the machine over a part of the grass to do the cutting job. Unfortunately, that is the wrong way. 

In fact, trimming energy is focused on the most ends of the cutting line. So you need to place that spot on the grass in order to have the highest efficiency.


In conclusion, do you know how to use a strimmer now? As a main gardener in the family, you definitely need to remember the preparations and golden rules that must never be forgotten before gardening.

Hopefully, you can ensure safety for yourself and your family while using the strimmer. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, we will respond as quickly as possible.

Good luck!

How to Use a Bulb Planter

If you love planting in your garden, and planting bulbs, then you might have heard about the bulb planter. However, for most people, this is something strange that they never have heard about. 

This is a great way to make sure that you are planting bulbs correctly in the ground so that it will grow fast and beautiful.

This might be something that you want to purchase for yourself, after you have read more about the bulb planter and if you know how to use it, and which one to purchase. These are everything you need to know about the bulb planter

What is a Bulb Planter?

how to use a bulb planter in grass

The first thing that you will need to know, is what is a bulb planter? Maybe you never have heard about it, and you didn’t know that there was something that you could use to plant your bulbs during spring.  

A bulb planter is a tool that you are using to take just the right amount of soil out of the ground so that you can insert the bulb into the ground.

Then you can use the same tool, to put the soil back into the hole with the bulb. Making it easier and faster to plant bulbs, correctly.

This will ensure that you don’t need to guess how deep you should plant your bulbs to get it to grow successfully. To assist even a beginner gardener to plant bulbs correctly, the first time. 

Different Types of Bulb Planters

One thing that you need to know about the bulb planters is that there is a different type of planters available for you to choose from.

And, you need to make sure that you are going to choose the right ones for the type of bulbs that you need to plant.

This is one of the problems that people have when purchasing their planter. They don’t know what type to purchase. These are the different types of bulb planters you can purchase.

You should make sure that you are choosing the right type of planter for your personal needs. Each planter has a different function and is designed for a different type of bulbs.

  • Drill Powered bulb planter
  • Spring-Loaded bulb planter
  • Long-Handled bulb planter
  • Short-Handled bulb planter

Benefits of Using a Bulb Planter

how to use a hand bulb planter

There are many different benefits of using a bulb planter. Some are making it easier to plant the bulbs, without you bending all the time. Great for people with back problems.

Then, there are the bulbs that are making it easier to make the hole in the ground, but then you need to have kneeled low to the ground.

It is a lot easier and faster to make use of the bulb planter than to use the shovel and spade. Ensuring that you are going to be done with the planting a lot faster than normal.

You don’t need to worry if you are going to plant the bulbs in the right dept. We all know how important it is to have the right debt when we are planting bulbs.

With the bulb planter, you already will have the right debt, you will not have to worry about measuring every hole that you are making. 

Negative Things About Using a Bulb Planter

Even with all the benefits of using a bulb planter, there are a couple of negative things as well.

The most important negative thing about a bulb planter that you need to know about, is the fact that it can be hard to cut through the ground. Especially if the soil is hard and the planter doesn’t have sharp points anymore. 

However, this is the most important negative thing about the planter that you need to know about. 

How to Use a Bulb Planter?

how to use a hand held bulb planter

It is really easy how to use a bulb planter. But you need to remember that each type of planter will have another method for planting. This is the basic way on how to use a bulb planter.

You are inserting the bulb planter where you want to plant the bulb. Pull it out and the soil will be within the planter, leaving a hole.

Insert the bulb in the hole, and then close the hole by throwing the soil from the planter back into the hole. Give the bulb water. This is all that you need to do, to use a bulb planter to plant your bulbs. 

Making use of a bulb planter, if you love planting bulbs during spring is going to make you’re living a lot easier. And, you will know for sure that you are going to get the best results with bulbs that were planted within the right dept.

With this guide, you will now know everything there is to know about the bulb planter, the different types of planters, and how you are normally using this planter to plant your favorite bulbs. Giving you beautiful flowers at the end of the day.

How Long to Run Soaker Hose

How long to run a soaker hose? But before you can know this answer, you need to know what soaker hose is in the first place. Not many people know what this type of hose is, and this is why they don’t make use of one.

The moment that you know more about a soaker hose, and how long you should run it, you will realize that this might be your best option to wet your garden without wasting water or time and effort. This is all the information that you need to know about the soaker hose.

What is a Soaker Hose?

how long to run soaker hose for tomatoes

The first question is, what is a soaker hose? This sounds strange because a hose should not be soaked, in any way. This is a great tool to have to ensure that your garden is getting the water it needs, without you standing and watering your plants and wasting water.

A soaker hose is a garden hose that has very tiny holes in. It is allowing the water to seep out of the holes, making sure that the area around the hose is getting watered.

These holes are throughout the length of the hose, looking like the water is pouring out of the hose. Because of the very low water pressure, the water is going directly to the roots of the plants. Keeping them wet and moist. 

Different Soaker Hoses Available

There is a different type of soaker hose available for different purposes. You need to make sure that you know each of these different types of soaker hoses before you are purchasing one for your garden.

These are the top different hoses that you can use, to make it easier to choose the right soaker hose for your garden. 

  • Gilmour Flat Soaker Hose. This soaker hose is covered with ultraviolet protective fabric to prolong the use in all kinds of weather. The only problem is that it can only be used in very low water pressure. It can be moved all over the garden where you need your garden to be watered. 
  • Melnor Flat Soaker Hoses. This hose is a bit different from a flat roll design to make it easy to store when you don’t use it. It comes in three different lengths.
  • Dramm Soaker Hose. This is a completely different soaker hose, made from durable rubber, crush-proof, nickel-plated couplings with leak-proof connections to let you save even more water. It comes in two different sizes. 

Benefits of Making Use of a Soaker Hose

how long to run soaker hose for trees

There are many benefits of making use of a soaker hose. Benefits that are ensuring that you will understand why this is such a great product to have if you want to save water, but when you have a large garden. 

This is a water-saving hose. Because it doesn’t sprinkle water all over the area, and not where you actually need water. It doesn’t need to run as long as other sprinklers as well.

You will save money because there isn’t much equipment that you need to purchase with the hose to let it work perfectly.

How Long Should You Run a Soaker Hose?

Depending on the type of hose that you have and the plants that you have in the garden, it is recommended that you are running the hose for about 30 to 45 minutes

Setting a timer is a great idea to ensure that you don’t forget about the soaker hose that is still running. And, you will always have water running, even if you aren’t at home. 

The time that you are going to run the soaker hose will also depend on the flow of the water. Slow water flow normally means that you will need a longer running time. 

Other Tips to Remember With Using a Soaker Hose

how to run soaker hose

When you are purchasing your soaker hose for the first time, you need to make sure that you are going to know the length needed, and the water flow that you have.

You don’t want to end up with a soaker hose that isn’t going to do the job correctly, and where you are still wasting a lot of water. This is the whole idea of this hose.

To save as much water as possible. Remember to always keep the end-cap on. Otherwise, your soaker hose isn’t going to work the way it should. 

The soaker hose is a relatively new hose that you can use in your garden. It is for replacing the sprinkler system.

It is great for the low water pressure homes, and places where you need to save as much water as possible. Installing it is also easy. The only thing that you need to know, is to choose the right soaker hose.

To ensure that you don’t choose the wrong one for your garden. And to add a timer to make things even easier for you.