Here’s How You Can Fly Fishing In The Rain

Fly fishing is a method where an artificial fly is used to catch the fish. The fly is cast for luring the fish and it can be in a form of rod, reel and specialized weighted line. Fly fishing is usually done in fresh water or salt water.

Fly fishing is mostly used to catch trout, grayling and salmon and it is also used for catching a wide variety of species like pike, bass, panfish and carp. Here are some tips to do fly fishing when it rains as it requires a lot of effort and intelligence to catch the fish in running water.

  • Proper Fishing Equipment

Before you set off for fly fishing, make sure that you have the proper equipment for this activity. Rain might make fishing difficult as there will be low visibility and water flow will be very fast. The rod usually becomes heavy while you are fishing in the rain so make sure that you choose the proper fishing rod for fly fishing. Keep 5-6 rods in your store while you are fishing so that if one fishing rod snaps then you can use another for fishing.

  • Take Advantage Of Low Lights

Most of the fishes are active during low light conditions as they come on the surface to eat insects. They feel protected during low light conditions thinking that their predator will not be able to see them. Cloudy mornings will give the most fruitful rewards in the form of various fish. Use dark colored fly patterns while fly fishing as this will let the fishes see the offering in a much clearer way.

  • Target Slow Water

When you are fly fishing in the rain, then do try to fish in the slow water as fishes come to the surface to eat insects during this time and you might be lucky enough to go home with a good catch. The slower the water flow, better will be the chances of catching up fishes as they will come there to catch their prey.

  • Point Your Shots

This might be difficult when it is raining but it is not impossible as once you give that perfect shot you will be able to catch the fish for sure. Keep your thumb or index finger at the target and your cast will fly where you want it to be. This gives you a better grip and control on the fly.

  • Use An Attractive Fly

An attractive fly really works for you in the rain while you are fly fishing as the fish will move towards it and there are brighter chances of getting a good catch. This works when you are prospecting that catch will be there. But when you know that in a certain area there are low chances of catching a fish, then do not try this attractive fly for fishing. Maintain a steady rod when you catch your prey and keep the rod as high as you can until you bring your prey to the surface. Or else it might snap and jump back into the water.

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