How Long to Run Soaker Hose

how long to run soaker hose

How long to run a soaker hose? But before you can know this answer, you need to know what soaker hose is in the first place. Not many people know what this type of hose is, and this is why they don’t make use of one.

The moment that you know more about a soaker hose, and how long you should run it, you will realize that this might be your best option to wet your garden without wasting water or time and effort. This is all the information that you need to know about the soaker hose.

What is a Soaker Hose?

how long to run soaker hose for tomatoes

The first question is, what is a soaker hose? This sounds strange because a hose should not be soaked, in any way. This is a great tool to have to ensure that your garden is getting the water it needs, without you standing and watering your plants and wasting water.

A soaker hose is a garden hose that has very tiny holes in. It is allowing the water to seep out of the holes, making sure that the area around the hose is getting watered.

These holes are throughout the length of the hose, looking like the water is pouring out of the hose. Because of the very low water pressure, the water is going directly to the roots of the plants. Keeping them wet and moist. 

Different Soaker Hoses Available

There is a different type of soaker hose available for different purposes. You need to make sure that you know each of these different types of soaker hoses before you are purchasing one for your garden.

These are the top different hoses that you can use, to make it easier to choose the right soaker hose for your garden. 

  • Gilmour Flat Soaker Hose. This soaker hose is covered with ultraviolet protective fabric to prolong the use in all kinds of weather. The only problem is that it can only be used in very low water pressure. It can be moved all over the garden where you need your garden to be watered. 
  • Melnor Flat Soaker Hoses. This hose is a bit different from a flat roll design to make it easy to store when you don’t use it. It comes in three different lengths.
  • Dramm Soaker Hose. This is a completely different soaker hose, made from durable rubber, crush-proof, nickel-plated couplings with leak-proof connections to let you save even more water. It comes in two different sizes. 

Benefits of Making Use of a Soaker Hose

how long to run soaker hose for trees

There are many benefits of making use of a soaker hose. Benefits that are ensuring that you will understand why this is such a great product to have if you want to save water, but when you have a large garden. 

This is a water-saving hose. Because it doesn’t sprinkle water all over the area, and not where you actually need water. It doesn’t need to run as long as other sprinklers as well.

You will save money because there isn’t much equipment that you need to purchase with the hose to let it work perfectly.

How Long Should You Run a Soaker Hose?

Depending on the type of hose that you have and the plants that you have in the garden, it is recommended that you are running the hose for about 30 to 45 minutes

Setting a timer is a great idea to ensure that you don’t forget about the soaker hose that is still running. And, you will always have water running, even if you aren’t at home. 

The time that you are going to run the soaker hose will also depend on the flow of the water. Slow water flow normally means that you will need a longer running time. 

Other Tips to Remember With Using a Soaker Hose

how to run soaker hose

When you are purchasing your soaker hose for the first time, you need to make sure that you are going to know the length needed, and the water flow that you have.

You don’t want to end up with a soaker hose that isn’t going to do the job correctly, and where you are still wasting a lot of water. This is the whole idea of this hose.

To save as much water as possible. Remember to always keep the end-cap on. Otherwise, your soaker hose isn’t going to work the way it should. 

The soaker hose is a relatively new hose that you can use in your garden. It is for replacing the sprinkler system.

It is great for the low water pressure homes, and places where you need to save as much water as possible. Installing it is also easy. The only thing that you need to know, is to choose the right soaker hose.

To ensure that you don’t choose the wrong one for your garden. And to add a timer to make things even easier for you. 

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