What Size Pressure Washer for 2 Story House?

pressure washer for two story house

As a homeowner, cleaning your house siding at least once a year is inevitable! The siding will accumulate dirt, grit, and grime over time, and washing them off will be important for that new look. You could manually wash your house with a scrub brush, but that would take time. Especially if you have a two-story house.

So, what’s your best equipment for washing your large house? A pressure washer is a solution to your problem. While you could use an electric pressure washer to clean a two-story house, a gas (petrol) pressure washer is the best for you.

First, petrol pressure washers are easy to move around the house since they have no cord to restrict this movement.

Second, they’re more powerful and will blast off grit, dirt, and grime build-up with sufficient pressure. And if you find one with a sufficient fuel tank and excellent fuel efficiency, you will have plenty of cleaning time! This is to say gas pressure washers are for heavy-duty cleaning. Opt for one prior to cleaning your two-story house.

power washer for 2 story house

What Pressure Do You Need to Clean Dirt Off Dirt?

If you hear home improvement professionals talk about the size of a pressure washer, they’re referring to the pressure output of the pressure washer. Pressure washers vary if you look at the power of their jets. This jet power is measured in PSI (pounds per square inch.)

Higher PSI values mean the pressure washer has a very powerful water jet coming off its spray gun nozzle. Also, the size of a pressure washer could mean its GPM (gallons per minute). This is the amount of water a pressure washer jets out in one minute when cleaning a surface or siding. For a better cleaning result, choose a pressure washer of 2,800 psi at 3-4 GPM.

How Can You Wash a Two-story House Siding?

To clean your two-story house using a pressure washer, follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Close all windows and doors. You don’t want water splashing on your furniture or electronic devices.

Step 2

pressure washer for 2 story home

Secure the surrounding plants. You don’t want the cleaning solution to drip on your garden plants and shrubs, do you? You can cover the plants with a plastic bag. Also, you can spray them with water from a pressure washer hose.

Step 3

Prepare a cleaning solution. Mix 3-part water with 1-part bleach. Pour the cleaning solution in a tank.

Step 4

Assemble the components of a gas pressure washer. You will connect a garden hose from the water supply tank to the pressure washer pump inlet. You will then connect the pressure washer hose to the spray gun and the pump outlet.

You will need an extension wand in this case, since you have to wash a two-story house siding. Connect the extension wand to the spray gun. At the end of the wand, connect the pressure washer surface cleaner.

Step 5

best pressure washer for 2 story house

Start the gas pressure washer and start to wash the siding. You should start washing the siding from up, working your way to the base of the walls. Dirt and grime will mar the already cleaned siding if you work from up to down.


You should wash one wall at a time to completion. You can then move to the siding on the other walls.

Gas pressure washers are ideal for washing the siding of a house due to their sufficient cleaning power. The reason why an electric power washer might be inappropriate for such cleaning jobs is the power cord.

This cord can limit its movement depending on the cord’s length and power outlet location. Also, most electric models have insufficient PSI and GPM.

But you can be sure to find the best commercial electric pressure washer for washing your two-story house! 

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