The Ultimate Guide To Spearfishing – All You Need To Know Before You Start

In today’s digital world, not many people take the fancy of hunting a fish under the water, killing it and then bringing it back to the surface to enjoy it like a meal. Well, there are people who love to try the thrilling sport of Spearfishing.

Let us learn all about spearfishing through this guide – something you will for sure wants to know before you go spearfishing. Let’s learn what it is all about, how can do it and the equipment you need to carry every time you are underwater for this adventure. Read it through and become a pro in no time.

What exactly is Spearfishing?

You might have already browsed the internet looking for answers to your question, “what you need to know about Spearfishing”. Well, spearfishing in simpler terms is just one of the ways of fishing where the fish is caught and is speared using a sharp tool.

Earlier days, the tools that were used were poles or just spears and this is what most people even today imagine about spearfishing tools. But the modern day tools are light in weight and are more sophisticated. People now use slings or the spearguns when they are spearfishing.

People who are interested can spearfish when they are swimming or scuba diving. If you do not want to really get underwater, you can as well hunt for the fish standing on the boat or on the shore itself.

The History

The history of spearfishing can be dated back to the time when humans first started hunting to feed them. In earlier days, it was believed that harpoons were used by fishermen. There are also indications of spearfishing in the past and most of these can be found as cave drawings. Some of them have also been documented as texts.

Spearfishing is used in different cultures and some countries even insisted spearfishing to be added as a sport in the Olympic Games.

The Common Ways of Spearfishing

If you are really wondering as to what you need to know about Spearfishing, it is about the common ways used in spearfishing. It can be said that there is no right or a wrong way to spearfish. While there are many methods used, listed below are some of the common ways of spearfishing.

Shore Spearfishing

Well, the name says it all! In this kind of spearfishing, the diver or the fisherman dives only from a shore – it can be a beach or even an entry area of a water body like a river. This is one of the most commonly used methods.

Most of the shore divers make use of a dive mask, wear the fins and carry a speargun along with them instead of slings or barbed poles. This kind of spearfishing does take a lot of practice as you would be entering into the water against the waves. So, if you are a beginner, it is better you take along your friend or a guide who is well experienced inshore spearfishing.

Boat Spearfishing

This kind of spearfishing is quite a common method used by fishermen from around the world. This is helpful if you wish to get to those areas that are hard to reach when you dive from a shore.

You can make use of different kinds of watercraft for the same and use boats or jet-skis or even kayaks. This method is quite similar to shore spearfishing and the diver does need to carry all the needed equipment. As you will be using a boat, it also gets easy to use your scuba gear too.

The Traditional Non-Diving Spearfishing

The traditional way to spearfishing is also used by many where a normal spear is used. This process does not include diving and the fisherman holds his spear in the hand while standing on a boat or on the land.

Sometimes fishermen also get a stand in shallow water to fish using this method. This is known to be the hardest of all the methods as there is water refraction and the spear has to be aimed lower than the fish. But as it is said, anything can be achieved with practice.

Let us now have a look at the equipment that is needed for spearfishing.

The Equipment Needed

People can go spearfishing with just one piece of tool, which is the spear. But there are other equipments that can be used as they the whole process a lot easier and fun. Let us see the kinds of fishing equipment you can use.

  • A pole spear
  • A spear gun (you can get the best of Spearguns online at the best prices)
  • A Sling
  • The snorkel gear like the mask, the finds, and the snorkel.
  • A scuba diving gear
  • A wet suit
  • Boat
  • A dive knife
  • Dive gloves
  • Diver down flag

While the above mentioned are a must have, there are many other types of equipment that you can use when spearfishing. Let us know talk about various spear instruments in detail so that you get an idea about their differences.

  • The Pole Spear – The pole spear is also called the harpoon and this is the equipment that has been used both in the modern as well as the historic times. In the recent times, a spear-like projectile is widely used by people who are into spearfishing.
  • The Speargun – A speargun can be used to shoot the target using a spear and is one of the most preferred equipment today. You can find two types of spearguns – rubber powered and air powered. Though both are equally effective, the rubber powered speargun is popular.
  • The Sling – The sling is also called the Hawaiian sling and is much similar to the rubber powered speargun. Slings are known to be hard to use and are certainly not for beginners.

Legality of Spearfishing

The laws of spearfishing can differ from country to country. This is illegal in a number of locations and is legal in certain places, but only for a few months. The laws of spearfishing vary from state to state in the United States and can further vary by local municipality. Certain factors like conservation efforts and other regulations are considered before deciding on its legality. For example, in the state of Florida, spearfishing is legal but is restricted to only a few fish species.


Spearfishing is indeed the oldest method to catch fish and is also used worldwide, both commercially and recreationally. While there are certain methods to choose from, you can choose your ideal method of fishing based on your country or state laws. If you are beginner, you can choose a pole spear to start with as it is adventurous as well as fun.

Spearfishing is a fun and effective hobby and hopefully, the article has provided an insight into the same.

So, wait no more! Now that you are armed with knowledge, get into your can-do spirit today and start spearfishing. Do not forget to get a good spear gun and who knows, you might as well get hold of the best fish this weekend. Just dive in – the waters are just fine!

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