What You Should Under the Wetsuit When You Indulge In Water Sports Activities

Indulging in water sport activities including surfing and scuba diving can be relaxing and enjoyable at the same time. You can indulge in such water sports in vacations or just to chill out after coping with the boredom of work sometimes. Wearing a wetsuit is a must to take part in such activities, as it is. However, you also need to know what to wear under wetsuit when surfing. The variety is there, but you need to think of factors like your age, skin type, type of water sports activities, before buying any attire to wear under wetsuits.

So, what can you wear under your wetsuit?

  • Board Shorts
  • Bi-cycle style Shorts
  • Neoprene vests and shorts

And, so on….Let us read more on what you should be wearing under your wetsuit before you head out to the deep blue seas!

Major attires you can wear beneath wetsuits

Board Shorts

This is what people refer as standard surfing gear. Board shorts are made with stretchable, lightweight fabrics and they are easy to dry. These are also referred to as trunks. However, there is one drawback of board shorts. They tend to wrinkle and under wetsuits easily. Sometimes, you may find fitting the shorts under tight fitting wetsuits tough.

Women’s wear

For women, finding garment to wear beneath the wetsuits is simpler. Most women’s swimsuits fit body well and do not shift much during movements. Women may wear bikinis and athletic-style swimsuits. Steer clear from strapless swimsuit tops as they can be quite uncomfortable while surfing. These can be hard to manage when you either put on or off wetsuits.

Bicycle-Style Shorts

The bicycle-style shorts are quite tight fitting. They cover more skin parts than typical shorts and so can offer tan protection better. They are sold in dark colors mostly.

Men’s Briefs

You can wear tight fitting briefs under a wetsuit. The Speedo briefs fit well and stay in place. This is why so many dive instructors use and suggest such briefs while hitting the wave.

Neoprene vests

The Neoprene vests are good for divers who catch cold easily. Sometimes, divers wear just a neoprene vest before diving. You could throw on a neoprene vest over your regular surfing suit.

Neoprene Shorts

Team a neoprene vest with a pair of neoprene shorts! Neoprene shorts are easily available and sold by several wetsuit manufacturers. These garments are designed especially for divers to wear beneath wetsuits and they fit the body contour perfectly. Sliding a wetsuit over the neoprene short is simple. Neoprene shorts also offer additional thermal protection. So, you can wear them before diving in cold water to feel warm. However, neoprene is more buoyant than other fabrics and divers may need to be careful.


Some types of underwear may not be apt for scuba diving. Cotton underwear may feel comfortable, but wearing them under a wetsuit reduces longevity. Lycra and spandex fare much better in this regard. Women can wear athletic garments like spandex sports bra under wetsuits too. Veteran scuba divers also wear pantyhose.

Wearing nothing under wetsuit not a bad idea!

A section of divers, prefer to wear nothing under wetsuit- for surfing or even diving. There is actually nothing wrong with it. Wetsuits are also getting better with time. You can in fact find a few wetsuits with inner linings which negate the need to wear anything underneath. When you are going for a quick diving trip at weekends and do not want to carry too much luggage- it is ideal.

Buying the right garments to wear under wetsuits

Buying the right undergarments to wear under wetsuits can be tricky. You have to think of fabric and size. Some people may not be comfortable wearing spandex and lycra for long and skin rashes can occur. Wearing dark colored garments can be practical here. If these make you unsure about what to wear under wetsuit when surfing, resort to the web. Read the reviews online on these attires and explore a few social media sites.

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