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Street Style

Every man is interested always in making his own wardrobe mixture in a street style as we all need it in everyday situations
Everyone need to feel with comfort-ability,elegance and fashionable inner soul at the same time

NB Interest revolves always around what is enable and make it easy for everyone to set his seasonal collection to fit with all occasions

NB is looking continuously to cope with the newest Street Style Trend in Fashion
So , NB Product development team works continuously on product innovation to provide the product differentiation and enhanced value for the customers

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Smart Casual

It’s necessary to look smart and contemporary in a different occasions like career dressing and other occasions but at the same time, We all need to feel with casual comfort ability

From here, NB designed its Fashion line “Smart Casual” to make the adaptation in this equation.

With NB Smart casual collection, you will feel with the comfort-ability of casual wear and will enjoy with the Smart look also.

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When we say NB Collection, We actually are talking about the new collection in fashion markets and the essence of trend
NB combines the simplicity in design and quality material
“Big Selection in NB Collection” is driving force of NB’s Styling always revolves around what is relevant, essential and functional.



one of the cofactors

Egypt is home to the only fully vertically integrated textiles industry in the Middle East, with the entire production process from the cultivation of cotton to the production of yarns, fabrics and ready-made garments carried out domestically. The sector plays an extremely central role in the Egyptian economy. All of that enabled us to spike over years of experience to be the first casual Leader for men in Egypt

NB is looking forward to show the whole world the magnificent of mixing between the amazing Textile industry and unique NB Garments.

NB uses state of the art Technology and machinery to ensure high quality production mainly made up 100% cotton and cotton/mixed fabric.


Our full commitment has enable us to provide the best service, excellent quality and high value from our success
of our strategy multiple markets.