Best Mattress for Platform Bed: Complete Buying Guide

There are still people that have a platform bed. There are so many benefits in having a platform bed over having a bed with a base and a mattress.

However, the one thing that you need to know is that when you are purchasing a mattress for platform beds, that you are purchasing one that is going to be durable and comfortable at the same time. This is why you want to make sure that you know what to look for in the best mattress for platform beds. You will not make a mistake with this complete buying guide.

What is a Platform Bed?

best mattress for platform bed reviews

To know what type of mattress is going to be best for your platform bed, you need to know what a platform bed is. This is a bed that has the base attached to the headset. This is normally made out of a wood or steel structure. This gives height and more stability to a mattress.

With a platform bed, you don’t need to purchase a base with a mattress. Only a mattress that you can lay on top of the platform.

What is Making a Good Platform Bed Mattress?

Before you can start looking for a new mattress for your platform bed, you need to make sure that you know what is making a good platform in the first place.

You want to have a mattress that is fitting the platform bed perfectly. It should not be too long or too wide as well. It is essential that you should measure your platform bed before you purchase your base.  A mattress that is high in quality and that will last a couple of years is the type of mattress that you should consider. The thicker the mattress, the more comfortable it will be.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Mattress for a Platform Bed

best mattress for platform bed with slats

Because there are so many different types of mattresses that you can purchase for your platform bed, you need to make sure that you are considering everything there is to know about purchasing the best quality mattress. These are things that you should consider when you are looking for the best mattress for platform beds.

  • The support level of the mattress. Different type of mattresses has different support levels. You need to make sure that you know what type of support you need from your mattress. This is to make sure that you are purchasing a mattress that supports you personally.
  • The height of the mattress. You need to consider the total height of the mattress with your platform bed. You want to be comfortable getting onto your bed. Too high, or too low will not be comfortable in any way. This is why you should consider the height of the mattress before you purchase it.
  • The warranty that comes with the mattress. In most cases, there is a 5-year warranty that comes with purchasing a mattress. The longer the warranty, the better the mattress will be, and the longer the mattress will be in perfect condition. To purchase a mattress without any warrantee isn’t recommended at all.

Different Types of Mattresses for Platform Beds

best mattress thickness for platform bed

There are different types of mattresses that you can purchase for your platform bed as well. Different type of mattresses that are giving different comfort levels, different support, and different quality. It is important to know the different type of mattresses that you can purchase.

  • Latex mattress
  • Memory foam mattress
  • Innerspring mattress
  • Foam mattress
  • Futon mattress

Some of the Best Mattresses That You Can Purchase for a Platform Bed

With these mattresses, you will know that you are buying quality and that you are going to get the best support and comfort. These are the top mattresses that you can purchase for your platform bed. Just remember to consider the size of your platform bed before purchasing.

  • Helix Mattress 10”
  • AS3 Mattress
  • DreamFoam Mattress Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress
  • Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Memory Foam Mattress

There are still many people that are sleeping on a platform bed. And, it is important to make sure that you are purchasing a mattress that is going to be a great fit for the platform bed.

With this buying guide, you will know for sure that you are purchasing the best mattress for platform beds and that you are going to get value for money. And, a good night rest, for many nights ahead.

Best RV Mattress. Buying Guide

It is great to experience RV camping. You can go anywhere, sleep anytime and see as much as possible while you are traveling. However, then you need to be as comfortable as possible. This means that you need to have one of the best RV mattresses that you can find. Finding one can be harder than what you might think.

With this buying guide, you will be able to find one of the best RV mattresses on the market. Enjoying traveling in your RV during the day, and enjoy a full night rest on a great mattress at night.

Know the Size of Your Bed

Before you can just go and purchase any RV mattress, there is one thing that you should know first. The size of your mattress. This is really important. You don’t want to do all the effort to search for the best mattress for your RV, just to purchase the wrong size.

There are different ways to find out the exact size of your bed. Normally, there are measurements on the corner of the mattress, or at the base of the bed. If not, you should just take a measuring tape and measure the bed yourself. You can’t start looking for a new mattress if you don’t know the exact size.

The Type of Bed That You Want to Purchase

best rv mattress topper

Now, that you know the size of the RV mattress that you should look for, you should consider what type of mattress you want to purchase. There is a different type of mattresses that you can buy. Without knowing these mattresses and the features of each of them, it will be difficult to choose between them. These are the different type of mattresses that you can choose from.

  • Foam
  • Memory foam
  • Latex
  • Innerspring
  • Gel
  • And, air

It is recommended that you research each of these types of mattresses to find the one that will suit your need best. Some are more durable than others, so you should make sure which one will be best for you and your needs.

Your Most Common Sleeping Position

This might sound strange, but your sleeping position should also be considered when you are choosing your RV mattress. Some mattresses are a better choice for certain laying positions. 

For example, the memory foam mattresses are better for back and stomach sleepers. And, this is the recommended mattress if you are struggling with back and neck pain as well. The innerspring mattress is best for those that are sleeping in different positions at night. Giving them the best support. So, you might want to consider your most common sleeping position in the RV, before you decide on the mattress that you are going to purchase.

Your Available Budget to Spend on the Mattress

For most people, this is the most common thing to consider when purchasing an RV mattress. The available budget that they have, and the different prices of the mattresses.

Most of the more expensive RV mattresses are the better ones to purchase. However, this doesn’t mean that you should purchase the most expensive one that you can find. You should consider your budget, and find the one that is best for your budget. There are some of the cheaper mattresses that are just as great as the more expensive ones. You should just do some homework first.

Different Features That You Should Look at and Consider

Different RV mattresses have different features. And, you should make sure that you know the different features available, and the features that you need to have with a mattress. This is the only way to really make sure that you are purchasing the mattress that you need. These are some of the features that you should look at and consider.

  • The material and construction of the RV mattress
  • The comfort level of the mattress
  • Is the mattress breathable or not?
  • How durable is the mattress?
  • The warranty that comes with the mattress
  • The price of the mattress
  • Does the mattress have unique features that you can’t find with other mattresses?

Some of the Best and Top Rv Mattresses on the Market at the Moment

If you still struggle to find an RV mattress, or you are looking for one of the best mattresses on the market, then you don’t need to look any further. These are some of the top RV mattresses that you can purchase at the moment.

  • Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 8 Inch Mattress, Short Queen
  • DynastyMattress 10GEL-QUEEN-RV CoolBreeze Gel Memory Foam Mattress
  • Zinus Hybrid Spring RV / Camper / Trailer / Truck Mattress

With this guide, you will not have any problem again with purchasing the best RV mattress for your RV. It can be hard to find the best mattress that is comfortable and that will provide the best support for your personal needs.

It is important to do as much research as possible, to know for sure that the mattress that you are buying is going to be just what you need in your RV.

Hammock Camping in Wisconsin

Going hammock camping is exciting and many people are considering doing it. Especially in Wisconsin. There are so many great camping sites where you can go hammock camping.

However, before you can go camping in a hammock for the first time, there are a couple of things that you need to know and remember. From purchasing the right hammock to other gear that you need to have. Choosing the best hammock for camping is not as difficult as you think, as long as you know what you should look for.

This is the complete guide to hammock camping in Wisconsin for beginners.

Why is this an experience that you should consider?

hiking and camping in wisconsin

What is making hammock camping in Wisconsin so much better than just normal tent camping? This might be a question that you might be struggling with. You are thinking about hammock camping, but you are wondering if this is really going to be the best experience.

These might answer your question about why you should experience hammock camping.

  • It is a lot more comfortable than sleeping on the ground.
  • Hammock camping is fun.
  • You don’t need to have lots of storage space in order to go hammock camping
  • A hammock is faster to set up, and you can have fun camping a lot quicker

Having the right hammock is the key to having a great time

camping in april wisconsin

This is the most important part of hammock camping. Having the right hammock. Too many people are trying camping in a hammock, with a cheap hammock. This isn’t going to work.

You need to make sure that you are going to be comfortable, and that you are protected against the elements. Meaning that you need to be protected against rain and dew.

Do your research before you just purchase any hammock for camping in Wisconsin. The higher quality the hammock is going to be, the better the experience you are going to have.

There is a huge selection of hammocks, and you will find one that is going to be great for you.

Other equipment that you need to have for hammock camping

The hammock isn’t the only thing that you need to have when going hammock camping in Wisconsin. There are some other essentials as well.

You need to have a mosquito net or a tarp for protection against the rain. You might want to have extra straps for in case your straps snap during the night.

Then, you should make sure that you have a waterproof backpack as well.

The last thing that you want is to have to wear wet clothes, because of the rain during the night.

An undercoat for some added heat from the bottom of the hammock, and a warm, durable sleeping bag. Without these, you are going to be cold throughout the night.

Finding the best camping site in Wisconsin for hammock camping

camping in wisconsin on lake michigan

There is a huge selection of camping sites in Wisconsin that you can enjoy.

However, there are some of these sites that aren’t great for hammock camping. Except if you are taking a hammock stand with you instead of hanging your hammock between trees.

It is important to tell the camping site’s manager upon booking that you are going to sleep in a hammock. He will then be able to give you the best site where it will be possible to hang your hammock.

The most important thing about camping sites in Wisconsin is to find a place that will be perfect for a great break away.

Top places in Wisconsin for camping

Now that you know more about camping in Wisconsin, you might wonder where you can find some of the top camping sites around Wisconsin. And, when the best part of the year is best for hammock camping in Wisconsin might be.

If you are looking for the perfect time to go camping in Wisconsin, then Fall is the time that you should consider.

This is from the beginning of September to the end of October. But, for those that want to camp during summer, the best time is between July and August.

These are some of the top places in and around Wisconsin that is perfect for your hammock camping weekend.

fishing and camping in wisconsin
  • 9 Mile all sports resort
  • Ada Lake campsite
  • Anchor in campsite
  • Baraboo hills campsite
  • Bark River campsite
  • Big Rock campsite


Wisconsin hammock camping can be fun.

However, then you need to make sure that you have all the right equipment, and that you have a great hammock. The higher quality the hammock, the better it will be for you.

The other thing that you need to consider, is that you should know how to lie in a hammock, in order to be comfortable for a night. 

The last thing that you should remember is that you should choose a great camping site around Wisconsin that is perfect for hammock camping and we did give a couple of names for you to consider

Hammock camping in Wisconsin can be fun.

But, only if you know everything about hammock camping and the equipment that you need to take with you.

This is great if you are going camping by yourself, or if you are just two people looking for a hammock camping experience.

With this guide, you will now know why this is something that you should consider if you love camping.

How to Use Smoker Chips

When you have a smoker grill, next to best smoker box, you need to use the right wood to create the best smoke.

There are smoker chips available that you can now purchase to create the right amount of smoke.

However, it is important to make sure that you are using it correctly and you should know all the dos and don’ts about the smoker chips.

Then, you will get the most out of your smoker grill and have the best smoking meat.

What are smoker chips?

how to use smoker chips on gas grill

Before you can use smoker chips, you need to make sure that you know what smoker chips are.

This is the wood pieces that you are going to use for creating smoking in the smoker or griller.

This is the one thing that you need to have if you want to make sure that you have smoke tasting meat or even vegetables.

This is also the one thing that many people are doing wrong. They don’t make use of the right smoker chips and this result in them not getting the right result.

Know the different wood for smoking food

how to use smoker chips on charcoal grill

There are three different wood options that you can choose from when you are going to smoke your food.

The first one is the smoking chips or the wood chips we are talking about here. Then, there are the smoking chunks and smoking logs.

Between all three these different wood options, the smoking chips are the best for smoking. It is giving more smoke than the other wood. And, this is why this is the one that is the most recommended for smoking grillers.

Using it for more than just getting smoked meat

how to use smoker wood chips

Did you know that you can use the smoker chips for more than just in smokers?

That you can use it in charcoal grillers and gas grillers as well. Meaning that you are going to get the smoking taste, even if you don’t have a smoker?

There is a secret about how to use the smoker chips for smoking on normal grillers, and we will discuss it later on.

This is another reason why smoking chips are the better option than the other smoking wood. It can be used in other grillers as well, for getting the right smoking taste.

Different wood used for smoker chips will result in different tastes

When you are going to purchase smoker chips, you need to make sure that you are going to know what type of wood the chips are made from. There is a really important reason for it.

Different wood types are giving different flavors. And, this will give your meat different flavor and taste. These are the different smoker chips that you can get and the flavor that you can expect from the smoke.

  • From the apple wood, you will get a fruity flavor
  • The pecan wood gives a nutty flavor
  • Maple wood gives a sweet flavor
  • Cherry wood also gives a sweet flavor
  • Hickory, oak and mesquite wood is going to give a smokey flavor

What if you don’t have a smoker and want to use the chips for a smokey taste?

how to use bbq smoker chips

You want to have smoked meat, and you don’t have a smoker. Is it possible to make use of the smoker chips for creating smoked meat on a regular griller?

This is good news.

If you are making use of the smoker chips and you are wrapping it in aluminum foil and poling holes through the foil, you can use it as a smoker.

The smoke will escape from the foil and it will cover your meat. Giving you the delicious smokey flavor. And, you didn’t even need to purchase an expensive smoker. 

It might take a bit longer to prepare the smokey meat, but it will taste the same at the end of the day.

To soak or not to soak your smoker chips

how to use smoke chips in smoker

This is a debate that is going on for years. Should you soak your smoker chips before using it, or doesn’t it really matter. Some believe that when you are soaking the chips, you are going to have long lasting smoke and will give a much better smoking taste.

With the chips not soaked, the meat can taste as it burned and you will need to change chips throughout the process. But, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you soak your chips or not.

It isn’t hard to use your smoker chips if you want to smoke some meat and vegetables.

You can use the chips to smoke the meat, using a smoker or to smoke your meat by using a normal griller and your chips covered in aluminum foil.

Now, that you know all the information about the smoker chips and how to use it correctly, you will be able to smoke the best tasting meat. And, enjoying every minute of it.

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How to Cook Dry Aged Steak

Aged steak can be delicious if you know how to prepare it correctly. The only problem that you might be facing is the fact that most aged steak is also dry.

And, this is where the trick comes in. Preparing your dry, aged steak can be hard if you don’t exactly know the tips and tricks for making your steak juicy and delicious.

With this guide, you will know everything there is to know about dry aged steak and how to cook it correctly, to enjoy the steak with friends and family.

This is the secret to most chefs that are preparing aged steak.

It is always best to purchase Grade A aged steak

The first thing that you need to know, is that if you are purchasing aged steak, you should make sure that you are purchasing the highest quality steak. This is the only way that you can be sure to have the best tasting steak that isn’t going to end up dry.

This is why you should look for the sealed pack with grade A aged steak.

Then, the chance that you are going to struggle with dry-aged steak will be a lot less. This is one of the biggest mistakes that people are making. They are looking for the cheapest aged steak, and end up with something that is dry and tough to eat.

The secret isn’t in the spices but in the preparation

A mistake that everyone is making is that they are using a huge variety of spices, herb, and even marinade to ensure that their aged steak isn’t dry.

If you want to have marinade steak, the last thing that you should do is to purchase aged steak. You are just going to ruin the taste of the aged steak.

Salt and pepper. This is all that you need if you want to make sure that you are going to have the best-aged steak that isn’t going to end up dry.

However, you need to realize that if you want to have a steak that isn’t dry, you should be sure to know how to prepare the steak. Great aged steak lies in how you are preparing and cooking it.

Which way is best to cook aged steak, Oven, grill or smoke?

This is a question that many people are asking. Which way is best to cook an aged steak? Should you use your oven, grill or a smoker?

There isn’t really a right or wrong answer. It doesn’t matter what cooking method you are using, with the right preparation, you can use any method.

The only one that we won’t recommend is smoking. The smoker is going to take the aged steak, taste away.

There are different methods that you can grill or oven cook your aged steak. The secret lies in how you are preparing the steak.

The basic step by step guide to cook aged steak

If you want to have the best tasting aged steak that will not end up dry, you want to make use of this basic step by step guide on how to cook aged steak.

This will give you an idea about how to ensure that your steak doesn’t end up dry.

  • You need to have a thick aged steak, like the ribeye for this method. And, you will need to have salt and pepper.
  • Preheat your oven to 400°F (204°C). You are going to use your stovetop at first, but you’ll need the oven as well. If you want to use your grill, you should still preheat the grill.
  • The next step is to season your steak with the salt and pepper to taste. Then, you should preheat your cast iron skillet to high heat on your stove top.  The hotter the pan, the better.
  • With the pan hot, you are now searing your steak for about 2 minutes on each side. Not longer than two minutes is essential. Next, you will be searing the fatty end of the steak for just 30 seconds.
  • Place the steak in the oven or grill for about 8 minutes. Baste the steak with melted butter for about 2 minutes.
  • Let the steak rest for about 10 minutes before cutting the meat. Serve the steak while it is still hot. Never reheat your steak in any way.

Having aged steak is always great if you have prepared it correctly.

This is why you should make sure that you are cooking your dry-aged steak correctly.

Then, you will not even realize that it was dry. Any aged steak can be juicy and soft with the right preparation.

We hope that we have given you all the information on how to cook dry aged steak for your family.

This can be a really great tasting steak if you are preparing it correctly.

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Is It Safe to Camp in a Hammock?

Camping. Who doesn’t love camping? These days there are many people that are camping and sleeping in a hammock. Is this really so great to sleep in a hammock instead of a tent?

And, is it really safe? Remember that you are sleeping in the wilderness and there are dangers out there. With this guide, you will know why so many people prefer a hammock instead of a tent. And, how safe it is to camp in a hammock. But first, you definitely need to find out how to choose the best camping hammock, sustainable and reliable.

Why Should You Camp in a Hammock?

When you are camping, you think about sleeping in a tent, making food around a campfire and spend some quality time together. There are many people that don’t think that there is another way of camping, besides sleeping in a tent. These days, many prefer sleeping in a hammock instead. The question is why should you consider hammock camping?

  • In a hammock, you are sleeping soft and not on the hard floor
  • You can be just as protected in a hammock against weather as in a tent
  • It is so much easier and faster to set up a hammock
  • A great experience for the whole family
  • It is lightweight and saves a lot more space than with a tent
  • It will really feel if you are camping in the wilderness
  • You will get an experience that you will never forget

Is It Safe to Camp in a Hammock, or Are You in Danger at Night?

Is It Safe to Camp in a Hammock, or Are You in Danger at Night?

Now, the question; Is it safe to camp in a hammock or are you in danger at night? This is a question that prevents many people from trying a hammock. They are afraid that it won’t be safe to camp in a hammock.

Before we can answer this question, there is one thing that you should consider. Where are you planning to camp? Yes, there are some places that might be dangerous to camp at. Even if you are staying in a tent. This means that if you are staying in a tent, you can just as well stay in a hammock. There isn’t much of a difference, besides that animal on the ground can’t get to you or your stuff.

Making Hammock Camping as Safe as Possible

Making Hammock Camping as Safe as Possible

If you are planning to camp in a hammock, and you want to ensure that you are safe, there are a couple of things that you can do. With considering these tips, you will ensure that you and your family will be safe when sleeping in a hammock.

  • Check your surroundings. Make sure that you are allowed to use a hammock. Check the rules and regulations of the park that you are going to stay at. If you are camping in the wilderness, you should make sure about the wild animals that are walking freely.
  • You should make sure that the trees where you are going to hang your hammock is secure and will be able to handle your weight. Falling to the ground in the middle of the night isn’t fun.
  • The equipment like the ropes is secure and in perfect condition. It is important to only use high-quality hammocks that will keep you high and dry at night.

Tips to Make Your Hammock Camping as Great as Possible

Tips to Make Your Hammock Camping as Great as Possible

You know that hammock camping can be safe. We show you how you can be safe when camping in a hammock. However, how do you make hammock camping as great as possible? If this is the first time that you are considering camping in a hammock, you should read these tips.

  • Buy the right hammock. There are so many different hammocks available, that finding one where you can be protected against the weather and cold as possible.
  • Check beforehand if you are allowed to hang a hammock between trees, or if you should consider making your own structure for support.
  • Learn to sleep in your hammock before your camping trip. It can be quite hard for the first time.
  • Make sure that you are going to stay warm in a hammock. You need to have an under quilt or a sleeping bag to ensure that you are warm from the top and from the bottom of the hammock. One of the biggest mistakes people make.

Is it safe to camp in a hammock? For sure, you just need to make sure about a couple of things. Hammock camping is getting more and more popular.

And, with the variety of hammocks that you can find, it is really easy to find a hammock that will be best for you. Finding the best place to hang your hammock and have a high-quality hammock is the most important thing to consider.

Then you will have a great camping experience with sleeping in a hammock instead of the hard, cold floor of a tent.

Wisconsin Hunting Seasons

Many are looking forward to hunting season in Wisconsin. It is normally the time of year when most people enjoy some hunting and to stock up their meat for the next year.

However, the one thing that everyone should know, is that there is some important information that you need to know about Wisconsin hunting season.

This is if you want to make sure that you are staying within the law and stay safe during hunting season. These are everything you need to know about hunting season.

Wisconsin Hunting Seasons Rules and Laws

Before you can start looking forward to hunting in Wisconsin this year, it is important to make sure that you know all their hunting rules and laws. These are the most important rules and laws that you need to know for this year.

  • If a person is born on or after January 1, 1973, and is looking for a Wisconsin hunting license, they need to complete a hunter education course. You need to show the proof of your Hunter Safety Certificate before you can apply for any hunter’s license.
  • With mentored hunting, anyone over the age of 10 can hunt without a hunter safety certificate. But, then they should be under the supervision of an experienced hunter with a valid hunter safety certificate.
  • Anyone from the age of 12 can go for the hunter education course to get their hunter safety certificate.

What Animals Can You Hunt in Wisconsin During Hunting Season?

If you are new in Wisconsin and you are hunting for the first time, you might be wondering what type of animals you can hunt during the hunting season. The only thing that you should make sure first, is that you are hunting the right animal for the right season. Some of the animals that you can find in Wisconsin and that you can legally hunt are:

  • Deer
  • Bear
  • Migratory birds and game birds
  • Wild turkey
  • Small mammals and furbearers

You will be surprised about the number of animals and birds that you can hunt in Wisconsin.

Season Dates for Hunting in Wisconsin

As we said earlier, there are different times of the year where you can hunt different animals. And, if you want to make sure that you aren’t going to get into trouble with the law, you should make sure that you are going to know the dates when you can hunt certain animals.

This is something serious that you need to know. There are different dates when you can hunt different animals. It is also important to know that there are serious consequences when you have a license for hunting deer, and you are shooting game birds instead. Especially if this is out of season for hunting game birds.

The other thing that you should know about season dates, is the type of weapon that you are using and the time that you are hunting. You are only allowed to bow hunting during a certain year, and a muzzleloader during another year. You should always stay updated about the dates because it can change without any warnings.

Tips to Remember When Hunting Season Starts

If you want to make sure that you are safe and that you have a great hunting experience in Wisconsin, then you should make sure that you know these tips. With these tips, you will be sure to have the best possible time while hunting.

  • You should make sure that you don’t hunt on private land, without their permission. This happens all the time that a hunter lands on the wrong land, and this can get the hunter in trouble. Make sure that you know where you are allowed to hunt and where you should stay away from.
  • Be aware of the hunting activity that is going on around you. You aren’t the only one hunting, and accidents can happen so fast. By being aware of your surroundings, you can know if there are other hunters in the area that might not see you.
  • Make sure that you and your dog is visible to other hunters. Especially, your dog. You don’t want someone mistaken your dog for a wild animal and becomes the hunted animal. You should also wear colorful and bright colors to make yourself visible. For your dog, you can purchase a bright collar.
  • Gun safety is also really important to consider. Too many accidents happen during hunting season because of a lack of gun safety.

Wisconsin hunting season. The time of year that so many people are looking forward to. However, you need to make sure that you know everything there is to know about the hunting season. Then you will know for sure that when hunting season starts, that you have a great and safe time hunting.

With the different animals and birds that you can hunt, Wisconsin is a great area for hunting.

Creating A Remarkable Camping Experience

Camping can refer to an outdoor activity whereby one decides to spend time away from the house in a temporary shelter like the instant tent. However, several aspects redound to it. Typically, participants leave their comfort zone which may be homes, best mansions or even workplaces to spend their quality time outdoors, most natural places in pursuit of enjoyment and fun.

It is so exciting that after long consideration and brainstorming, you opt to go camping. That is a significant step towards achieving your fun and exciting experience but unfortunately, more awaits concerning preparations for the trip, staying organized and the need for personal safety. The next title guides you through the checklist before setting out for the moon.

Checking Your Preparedness for Camping

You want to get the most exciting experience of camping. Personal preparedness and readiness are essential if you’re going to create pleasant memories and thrilling experience. You do not want to get caught in awkward or dire situations that can destroy your experiences put personal safety at risk. Here is a list of survival gears that you should have as your checklist before departure for adventure.

Survival Shelters

You went camping for a reason; I can imagine one camping in a desert or an area experiencing extreme temperatures. The hot sun can offer the worst experience of your lifetime. Or someone camping in a forest where wild animals live, our safety is at stake. Different shelter options exist such as tents, survival tarps, hammocks and many more. All you need to do is understand your shelter needs and equip yourself with the most suitable one based on the condition.

Water Filtration Unit

Research has it that a human being can go for a few days without food, but chances of survival without access to clean water are very minimal. You might want to go camping in a place with poor access to clean water. You will need to carry water to sustain you. But the question if, what if the quantity you carried cannot support you long enough? Always have a water filter or purification tabs at all times should need to arise.

Self-defense Weapons

camping checklist essentials

I can imagine a situation where you out camping in a desert or a forest without a weapon. You will entirely be left at the mercy of wild animals should they attack you. That is only but a negative aspect of it; some animals are edible; therefore hunting comes in mind. You need a weapon not only for self-protection but to also hunt for food for your survival during camping experience.

Fire Lighters

Fire is vital to humans in several ways; cooking food, warming up during cold weather and even self-defense as it scares away wild animals during the cold weather. Always equip yourself with fire lighting tools such as Matchbox. Not just that, be intelligent enough to provide yourself with waterproof, and you’ll be good to go.

Illumination Gears

When you are out camping, darkness becomes an adversary. In places like the wilderness or dense forests, darkness becomes an enemy, and you need a flashlight illuminator to give you hope. With that, you will be well equipped to spot anything in absolute darkness to brace yourself for action in case of danger or other reasons. With advanced technology, there are electric lanterns and headlamps for your illumination needs.

Communication Tools

Camping is an outdoor activity. You are moving away from private places and other distractions. You, therefore, need communication gear should you get stuck or need assistance. You can have yourself a sate light phone or survival radio for your communication in case an emergency comes calling.

A First Aid Kit

You may experience quite many unforeseen circumstances during camping. I imagine that you suffer a cut, a bruise or even fall off from your shelter high up on the trees and you suffer severe injuries; you are the mercy of God? Hell No? Arm yourself with a first aid box explicitly assembled for your camping need.


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Check to see if you have the kitchen tools for use at the campsite. Some of the kitchen tools may include plates, shrink wrap, skillet, napkins and more. You may want to enjoy a cold drink, and a cooler will be beneficial.

Fun Stuff

You may require art supplies, baits, bicycles, fishing gear, boom box, baseball tools, boomerang, and other fun stuff to make your camping more entertaining.


In conclusion, camping is an exciting opportunity for one to experience a life away from home. However, preparedness a memorable adventure. Preparing for a camping trip should not give you sleepless nights. Moreover, you are free to remove any item on the list which you feel that you do not need and add yours.

You should not just use the checklist for gathering the gear; it is the last thing to do as you prepare to go camping. This checklist is not only for remembering what you will take but also to make you remember to take it.

Backpacking 101: What You Need To Know To Get Started

Backpacking lets you explore your horizons beyond your compound for a richer outdoor experience. There is no better way to explore the remote areas, observing wildlife and that solitude in a faraway campsite.

The joy of backpacking lies in carrying everything you need in your pack. This will, however, call for your careful planning and packing lots of different gears.

Are you a beginner? Does this sound a little bit confusing?

Well, relax, I am here to address your fears. This backpacking 101 guide will take you through a step by step until you are good to go.

backpacking camping

To turn your first backpacking trip successful, follow these steps:

  • Get the necessary gear, clothing, and food- you can get these from your friends if buying breaks your bank.
  • Get ready for your trip, mentally and legally and logistically—if there be any permits.
  • Choose a convenient destination, most likely closer to your residence.

Though this article should get you ready for a solo backpacking experience, the critical point is that you should get a friend to accompany you. This makes the trip fun and safer.

Have You Chosen a Convenient Location?

Make your hike hard and get a miserable experience, make it easy and have more fun. Your destination should be convenient and facilitate fun.

Tips for Choosing a Location

  • Seek advice from a veteran backpacker — consult hiking guide books for the best selection of hiking areas. Get online sites like Coops hiking project.
  • Pick a destination not far away from home — At least you will have more daylight hours to reach camp before dark catches up with you. Also, waking long with a heavy backpack is quite a headache
  • Go for a few hundred feet of elevation gain
  • Go for a well-traveled path and well-established camp; you’re likely to get a hand should you run into difficulties
  • Be sure to have enough water around the camp
  • Don’t tag juniors with you for the first trip; they may complicate things.
  • Strike while it is summer, for maximum daylight hours. Take precautions on mother’s nature and head back if storms roar at you.
  • Choose “walk-in” campgrounds — for excellent transition into backpacking

Grab Backpacking Gear, and Clothing, Which Are They?

Firstly, remember you need the necessary gear and clothing, which must fit into your backpack. They have to be lightweight and compact for that matter. You won’t want to appear like you’re carrying a whole lot of mountain.

Essential Gear

  • Tent—share a tent, which is more economical. Choose a backpacking tent that’s is 3-season-(spring, summer, and fall) because at this point you’re still a newbie, unprepared for mountaineering.
  • Backpack —whether borrowed of self-acquired, ensure your backpack is comfortable. Load it up and go for a test hike.
  • Sleeping bag—the type of sleeping bank to carry depends on weather conditions you’re likely to encounter. At first, pick a synthetic one, at least it’s versatile and affordable.
  • Sleeping pad—this comes in handy for cushioning during sleep. Choose a self-inflating pad for value and enhanced comfort.
  • Stove—it’s ok as a beginner to carry a gas-canister stove which offers more convenient usage.
  • Water treatment—You will need to treat every water you use
  • Kitchen supplies—carry pots, pans, plates, towels, cups, and utensils. Cook and eat your planned meals.
backpacking camping gear list

What Clothes to Bring?

No need for special “hiking clothes” for your first backpacking trip. A cloth made of quick-drying fabrics will be just fine.

  • Grab your long underwear—you never know when cold nights may knock
  • Nylon pants, sun hat, T-shirts, etc.
  • Puffy vest, warm hat, gloves, and a lightweight fleece pullover
  • Breathable jacket for rainy weather and also mosquito bite prevention
  • Also, you need hiking shoes. Your feet need to be protected well because they determine whether you will make it there or not. Pack lightweight slippers for walking around the camp. Be sure to pack synthetic socks as well.

What About the Food?

You will need to plan for dinner, breakfast, and lunch. Go for Freeze-dried backpacking food, which is the lightest and most comfortable option. Avoid canned food as these add weight and bulk to your pack. Carry plenty of snacks to fuel you uphill.

Getting Ready for Your Backpacking Trip

At this point, you have everything essential and ready to go. Now get ready physically, logistically and mentally for great hiking.

Follow the Following Tips:

Be ready physically—although this is not a marathon, hiking demands physical aptness. A short relatively hard trip wearing a 30 pounds backpack will get your body ready.

Be ready mentally—get familiar with your backpacking gear and clothes. Learn basic first aid tips and even pitch a tent.

Get well your logistics—Ensure you have all the legal permits and keep updated for trail conditions, fire restrictions and other valuable information.

Leave a detailed trip plan with your friend—where you’re going, when expected back. This helps them offer quick help if need be.

Pack early–be sure to pack for your trip several days in advance. A good practice is to regulate your backpack load not to exceed 20 percent of your body weight. If your backpack weighs so heavy, then relook at your packing list and see what needs to be discarded.

Here’s How You Can Fly Fishing In The Rain

Fly fishing is a method where an artificial fly is used to catch the fish. The fly is cast for luring the fish and it can be in a form of rod, reel and specialized weighted line. Fly fishing is usually done in fresh water or salt water.

Fly fishing is mostly used to catch trout, grayling and salmon and it is also used for catching a wide variety of species like pike, bass, panfish and carp. Here are some tips to do fly fishing when it rains as it requires a lot of effort and intelligence to catch the fish in running water.

  • Proper Fishing Equipment

Before you set off for fly fishing, make sure that you have the proper equipment for this activity. Rain might make fishing difficult as there will be low visibility and water flow will be very fast. The rod usually becomes heavy while you are fishing in the rain so make sure that you choose the proper fishing rod for fly fishing. Keep 5-6 rods in your store while you are fishing so that if one fishing rod snaps then you can use another for fishing.

  • Take Advantage Of Low Lights

Most of the fishes are active during low light conditions as they come on the surface to eat insects. They feel protected during low light conditions thinking that their predator will not be able to see them. Cloudy mornings will give the most fruitful rewards in the form of various fish. Use dark colored fly patterns while fly fishing as this will let the fishes see the offering in a much clearer way.

  • Target Slow Water

When you are fly fishing in the rain, then do try to fish in the slow water as fishes come to the surface to eat insects during this time and you might be lucky enough to go home with a good catch. The slower the water flow, better will be the chances of catching up fishes as they will come there to catch their prey.

  • Point Your Shots

This might be difficult when it is raining but it is not impossible as once you give that perfect shot you will be able to catch the fish for sure. Keep your thumb or index finger at the target and your cast will fly where you want it to be. This gives you a better grip and control on the fly.

  • Use An Attractive Fly

An attractive fly really works for you in the rain while you are fly fishing as the fish will move towards it and there are brighter chances of getting a good catch. This works when you are prospecting that catch will be there. But when you know that in a certain area there are low chances of catching a fish, then do not try this attractive fly for fishing. Maintain a steady rod when you catch your prey and keep the rod as high as you can until you bring your prey to the surface. Or else it might snap and jump back into the water.