Collect rainwater and use it properly in the garden

Especially in the summer months, a lot of water is needed in the garden. But watering with tap water is very expensive. We explain how you can make the best use of rainwater so that neither lawns nor flower beds have to suffer from periods of drought.

Storing and using rainwater

In our latitudes, we can enjoy rainfall at any time of the year. Rainwater is ideal for garden irrigation because it is soft and free of lime – and it is easy on your wallet because you don’t have to pay sewage fees or withdraw drinking water.

How is rainwater collected with a rain barrel?

You usually don’t have to go to great lengths to collect rainfall. For most downspouts, there are extensions or tees that allow you to create a supply line to the rain barrel. Accordingly, the barrel can be placed directly on the downspout.

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You can also install a rain collector or rain strainer, which often has a filter and overflow protection. However, there are also water tanks that you can place underground, which have a larger volume and are usually just as easy to install. However, above a certain size, you will need a permit from the authorities to install a tank underground.

What to do with collected rainwater?

Collected rainwater is not only cheap, but also particularly well suited for garden irrigation
Collected rainwater is not only cheap, but also particularly well suited for garden irrigation

Once you’ve installed your new water storage tanks, you have a number of options. Of course, water can be taken from an above-ground rain barrel at any time at your convenience with a watering can. But hose systems, pipelines or entire irrigation systems as well as lawn sprinkler systems can also be connected here.

However, be aware of the danger of overwatering. Lawns in particular suffer during periods of drought, but constantly wet lawns are a breeding ground for fungi and other lawn diseases.

Which pump is suitable for rainwater?

If you want to connect a hose or irrigation system, you will need a pump in most cases. Tanks often come with suitable pumps pre-installed, but pond pumps or wastewater pumps are also suitable for the rain barrel. They usually have a float and have no problems with small dirt particles that may accumulate in the rain barrel. Of course, you can still install an additional filter to avoid possible clogging of the pump or hoses.

Finding the right rain barrel

A rain barrel fits into any garden and is available in countless designs and styles. But which one is suitable for your project? In our rain barrel test and comparison, you will find the best models in a clear table including a price comparison. With the help of the filter function, you can also easily adapt the selection to your needs.



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