5 good reasons for buying a robotic mower

Whether small or large lawns – many garden owners spend a lot of time mowing and find this gardening work tedious and annoying. If you still don’t want to do without a well-kept carpet of grass, a robotic mower can be a remedy. Here are the best reasons why a purchase is definitely worthwhile.

The price – a cost-effective lawn mower in the long term

Anyone who plays with the idea of acquiring a robotic mower will probably know the price categories. Cheap the little helpers are not – but they do such an efficient job that the cost will definitely be worth it for you.

The electricity needed to charge the robot costs far less than the gasoline for a conventional lawn mower – or even a lawn mower tractor. If the blade ever needs to be replaced, you can do it yourself – carefully – with the robotic mower, while a lawn mower often needs to be taken to a workshop for this.

Great time savings – put your feet up!

Especially for large lawns and family properties, mowing with a conventional mower is often a real pain – and an incredibly time-consuming activity. With a robotic mower, you only spend a minimal amount of time: you don’t have to carefully and slowly mow past boundary stones or playground equipment, you don’t have to empty the grass bin every five minutes – you don’t have to do anything at all except turn on the robot at the touch of a button.

Less effort, less noise

It’s not just in old age that you’d hate to be without a neatly mowed lawn. Many older garden owners are also often physically no longer able to maintain the lawn themselves. In both cases, the robot is your friend and takes over the strenuous mowing work. Many models even mow slopes with 25% gradients and more without any problems.

What’s more, neither you nor your neighbor will be woken up early in the morning by a robotic lawnmower – the small machines are extremely quiet and only make a whirring noise at most.

Always a well-kept lawn

A robotic lawnmower is programmed to mow frequently. It therefore does its work not only when it is urgently needed, but regularly. This promotes even and healthy growth of the lawn. The grass plants grow more densely and many weeds are suppressed by the short and frequent cut. Already after a few weeks you can observe the first improvements and shine with an even and well-kept lawn in the neighborhood.

Hardly any costs for accessories

A robotic mower doesn’t need much – just a power connection and perhaps a suitable garage to protect it from the elements. You can find such robotic mower garages in all kinds of designs – from a simple wooden construction to small plastic shelters and downright mini-garages with roll-up doors, everything is possible here.

While we’re on the subject of accessories: You will also have to spend less money on lawn fertilizer. Since robotic mowers always produce only small amounts of cuttings, this falls back onto the grass as nutrient-rich mulch, rots unnoticed and thus unfolds its effect as a particularly cost-effective and biological fertilizer for you.

The best robotic mowers in comparison

Once you have decided to buy a robotic lawnmower, the only thing missing is the right model. Depending on the size of the property, location and the desired functions, the selection is sometimes large and confusing. In our robotic lawnmower test and comparison, you will find the best devices in a clear table including a price comparison, which you can even filter according to various criteria. This way, you can find the robot that suits you best in no time.



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