Drive away moles – the best tips

Moles damage root systems and plants with their tunnel systems near the surface. And the well-known molehills become an eyesore in the garden design. We give you some expert tips below on how to drive a mole out of your garden in a species-appropriate and effective way.

Moles – for some cute beneficial insects, for others the horror of the garden. Because although the cute animals as insectivores make a significant contribution to pest control, they are not a welcome guest in the garden.

Moles are protected species

If you have a mole in your garden, we can congratulate you: because this speaks for the high quality of your soil. However, they can cause a lot of chaos and this can lead to the loss of beds and plants. If you want to have peace under the soil again, there are different ways to drive away a mole.

First of all, it is important to note that you must not harm moles, because the mammals are protected by law. Even if a mole drives you up the wall with his molehills, which can easily be as many as 20 per animal, you will have to resort to other measures.

If you currently have molehills in your garden, use the loosened soil and the finely lumpy soil as ideal growing soil before turning to our tips. In this way, the nuisance becomes a useful matter.

Odors: this will stink the mole tremendously

A mole is particularly sensitive to odors due to its sensitive sense of smell.

Recommended home remedies, which are poured into the aisles of the mole or deposited in front of them and literally stink, are for example:

  • Buttermilk or sour milk
  • vinegar cleaner or essence
  • dog or human hair
  • Nettles
  • Wormwood
  • Horseradish
  • soap suds
  • Garlic cloves
Lay out rags soaked in alcohol along the aisles. This way, the effective radius is even up to 5 meters. Renew each of the applied odor sources at least once a week and until you do not find any new molehills.

Beside these house means, which represent above all economical measures, you receive in the specialized trade also special means with the sonorous and promising names “mole fright” or “mole out”.

Noises: set the tone in your garden again

Not only odors are unpleasant for the mole. He has equally acute hearing, which makes him especially sensitive to almost any unusual sound.

These sounds make the subtenant uncomfortable in your garden:

  • Inverted bottles in the ground, which make a sound when the wind blows
  • Small pinwheels
  • Sound chimes
  • Music
  • Knocking on an iron rod with a hammer in front of the aisles
Mow the lawn at least 2 times a week with a gasoline lawn mower. This has two advantages: First, moles do not find it good at all, and at the same time you provide the ideal care for your garden.

Garden owners have had particularly good experiences with the use of robotic mowers in driving out moles. After just a few mowing operations, the garden was once again a mole-free zone. This is mainly due to the long operating time of the automatic garden helpers, so that the mole quickly has his little trunk full of the annoying background noise.

Vibrations: Bring momentum to the Mole Eviction

Another thing that the sensitive little mole can’t stand is shocks and vibrations. You can not really blame the small mammal, he perceives through his fine tactile hairs every slightest movement of the soil. Often it is enough to put metal posts in the ground, which give vibration to the earth.

Likewise, you can get mole deterrents in specialized stores. These produce a rattling sound every 18 seconds on average and emit a vibration at the same time.

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Defense: this keeps the mole out of your garden

A popular method of keeping the mole out of your garden is the use of so-called mole grids. These are especially good for long-term protection. You can also install such a mole grid afterwards. Through the special openings, your greenery can grow as usual and within a very short time, the grid invisibly performs its task underground.

Leveling / smoothing molehills

After the successful expulsion of moles, many unsightly mounds usually remain in the garden. These can best be leveled with the help of a lawn roller, thus smoothing the soil nicely again. If necessary, a little lawn seeding is needed to quickly fill the bare spots with dense turf again.

Before taking this step, please make sure the mole has actually left the property, as it is illegal to destroy inhabited molehills and burrows.


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