Lawn Mower FAQ

In our lawn mower FAQ we explain important terms from the world of lawn mowers in a concise and understandable way. In addition to terms such as torque and engine power, we also discuss lawn comb and cutting width.

What is torque?

The torque of a lawn mower is given in Newton meters (Nm). This quantity refers to the force in newtons that is applied to the cutting blade.

What is the level indicator on the catcher bag?

By means of the fill level indicator on your mower, you can see the current fill level of the grass catcher box at a glance. The indicator consists of either a small opening or flap.

How important is the fill level of a grass catcher bag?

The filling quantity of a grass catcher is indicated in liters. 1 liter is equal to 1 cubic decimeter (0.001 m3) of grass. When purchasing a new lawn mower, the basket size should correspond to the lawn area to be mowed. If the basket is too small, mowing will have to be interrupted frequently.

What role does the weight of a lawn mower play?

The weight of a device in kilograms without packaging and accessories. Electric and battery lawn mowers are usually lighter than gasoline mowers. In hilly terrain or on a slope, the weight should not be neglected, as it has a strong impact on the operability of the mower. But even with large, flat areas, a high weight can be very exhausting in the long run. In this case, self-propelled mowers with one or more gears that can be switched on as needed are a good choice.

What is the volume of a lawn mower?

The lawn mower volume is specified in decibels (dB(A)) and refers to the sound pressure level of the garden tool. As a rule, gasoline lawn mowers are considerably louder than their counterparts with electric motors, which are at 75 to 85 decibels, at over 95 decibels. Therefore, the latter sometimes offer the possibility of mowing in the evening or on weekends without disturbing the neighborhood.

What engine power should a lawn mower have?

The engine power is especially crucial for electric lawn mowers and is specified in watts. The higher or wetter the grass, the more powerful the motor should be to allow effortless lawn mowing. Here you should prefer devices with 1500 watts and more.

What is a lawn comb?

The side lawn combs on the mower comb the grass close to the edge with the cutting blade, so that reworking with the grass shears or the lawn trimmer is unnecessary. This feature is especially helpful in gardens with many lawn edges or wall borders.

What is the cutting width?

The cutting width is usually specified in centimeters (cm). This value is identical to the blade width of the lawn mower. For larger grass areas, mowers with a high cutting width are recommended, as this allows mowing to proceed considerably faster.

What is a cutting height adjustment?

The cutting height adjustment allows you to adjust the mower to the respective seasonal lawn height. If the grass has already grown quite high, it is recommended to bring the lawn to the optimal height only gradually. Otherwise, the grasses may turn brown. Allow the lawn to rest for a day or two between each mowing.

Cutting height increments

Instead of specifying the cutting height in millimeters or centimeters, some manufacturers offer the option of adjusting it individually in various steps (for example, 1 to 5) or even continuously. Here you should find out from the mowing in the lawn mower manual, what heights the different stages offer.

What cutting height should be set when mowing?

The cutting height of the device is usually specified as a minimum to maximum in millimeters. The optimal lawn mower cutting height is about 4 cm, in shaded areas or in warm summers about 5 cm. The lawn has reached its optimum cutting height at about 6 to 7 centimeters, which is about 2 to 3 centimeters above the optimum cutting height.



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