Lawn repair made easy

Incorrect or lack of lawn care can lead to brown or even bare spots in your yard. Lawn diseases like snow mold can also take a toll on your grass. With our helpful tips against weeds, brown and burnt lawns, you’ll repair and restore your grass carpet in no time and regain a lush, lush green.

Mow your lawn short

To make the next steps easier, mow your lawn as short as possible. The space this creates will allow the new lawn to spread better and prevent weeds from spreading. Please remember: high outdoor temperatures and direct sunlight can burn your lawn, so be mindful of weather conditions.

Moss removal by scarifying (optional)

The second step is optional and depends on the reason for the damage. For example, if your lawn suffers from excessive weeds, drought, waterlogging, lack of fertilizer or shade location, dethatching is an additional burden and therefore counterproductive. In this case, skip point 2 and proceed directly to the next point. On the other hand, if the moss is heavy, scarifying is often the only solution.

Using blade-like hooks, the scarifier or a lawn mower with a scarifying function plucks the unloved felt carpet from the lawn to give it back the air it needs to live. By scarifying the surface of the soil, water and nutrients can once again reach the grass roots unhindered. You can find more information in our guide How to scarify a lawn properly.

Remove moss and plant debris from the lawn

Remove the moss and grass residues left on the lawn after mowing and dispose of them on the composter. Leaf or rake brooms are good for this, for example. Your lawn is now prepared for sowing new lawn seeds.

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Use a spreader for seeding

By scarifying and using the rake, the soil layer is loosened and ideally prepared to receive new lawn seeds. We recommend the use of a spreader wagon which distributes the lawn seeds evenly. New unsightly “lawn holes” will be avoided and your lawn will look nice and even afterwards.

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Properly work the seed into the soil

It all depends on the mixture! All high-quality lawn seeds consist of several varieties. By mixing individual lawn varieties, you ensure a high probability that your future lawn will feel good and grow well. Information on the subject of lawn seeding can be found in our guide Beautiful lawn through the right lawn seed.

Now carefully work the lawn seeds into the soil with a rake. The sunlight germinating seeds should still be visible on the soil surface, because as light germinators they need sufficient light to germinate. The new lawn seeds are now best pressed on with a lawn roller. For only small pieces of lawn, you can also use a board to lightly press on the new seeds so that they do not fly away in the wind.

Feed your lawn with new food by fertilizing it

The sowing of the new seeds is done, now comes the fertilizing. Since there are very different lawn fertilizers for different types of grass, please follow the manufacturer’s application instructions. Large areas of soil should be fertilized before sowing and start sowing the lawn seeds only two days after.

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Watering the lawn properly

Water is the most important thing for all living things – including your lawn. Make sure that the lawn is not watered in a full stream and that there are no puddles on the ground that can wash out the seeds. The shower function is the right choice here. For more helpful tips, check out our Lawn Watering guide – how to water your lawn optimally.

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Mow the lawn weekly

The lawn is growing and should now be mowed once a week. Please observe the so-called “one-third rule” for this. You can also find information on this in our lawn guide Lawn care in summer.

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Aerate the turf well

From now on, be patient and give the lawn fresh air. Use a lawn aerator to aerate. A roller with small wires is passed evenly over the lawn to loosen the lawn subsoil so that the soil can absorb more oxygen. By the way, this step also prevents moss and weeds from matting again.

Prevent lawn damage

This is true not only for us humans, but also for your lawn: Proper aeration, watering and removal of weeds like dandelions will make your lawn shine and become the pride of its owner. For easy removal of undesirable wild plants, we recommend a weed cutter, which will make it super easy to remove unwelcome plants along with their roots.



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