Spring lawn mower check

In our guide “How to winterize your lawn mower”, we have already explained which steps are necessary to store your mower well and safely for the winter after the summer. Now let’s take a look at how to get it ready for its first mowing job in the spring after its winter break. In our lawn mower check, we’ll focus on the specific differences between the various types of lawn mowers.

General checks

Read the owner’s manual

This advice may seem to irritate you, but surprisingly, very few people read their lawn mower’s owner’s manual. Yet it often contains helpful tips on care and maintenance that are specifically designed for that piece of equipment.

Laymen, for example, are often faced with the question of which fuel and oil are necessary for gasoline mowers. Info on the filter and cutting blade can also be found in the lawn mower manual. This step can save a lot of time and money!

Housing, wheels and cutting blades

Once the lawn mower is out of its winter quarters, first check to see how it survived the winter. If it was well stored away, it should still be in the same condition as it was before its winter break. Nevertheless, a quick check of the housing, the wheels, and especially the blades can’t hurt. If the latter are dull, resharpen the cutting blades. You should also keep an eye on the wiring and carry out any necessary repairs.

Checklist for gasoline lawn mowers

Oil level

Checking the oil level is generally recommended before each mowing operation. After the winter period, however, it is especially important to check whether the gasoline mower still has enough oil. To do this, simply pull out the dipstick, wipe it with a clean cloth, and replace it. Then pull the rod out again and check that the oil residue is within the indicator. If necessary, top up with the required amount of oil and check the level again.

Oil filter

Users often look for the oil filter on their gasoline mower. Yet many lawn mower engines do not have an oil filter at all! In the fewest cases, therefore, maintenance should be necessary. Here, too, a look at the operating instructions will help in case of doubt.

Air filter

Only with a clean air filter can the engine of a gasoline engine start and run properly. If it is dirty or clogged, it should be cleaned or replaced completely.

Usually, the air filter sits either on the top of the mower or near the carburetor. Remove it from the mower and check its condition.


Old fuel loses its ability to ignite in the winter and can clump. If the fuel tank of the gasoline lawn mower was correctly drained completely before winter, it only needs to be refilled with new gasoline. On the other hand, if the emptying was neglected, we advise to completely empty the tank and only then fill it with new fuel.

Starter rope

In the case of a gasoline engine with a starter rope, the rope can become brittle or even break off completely over time. If the rope is no longer in good condition, replace it as a precaution.

Checklist for cordless lawnmowers

Battery condition

For cordless mowers, the main thing to do before using it for the first time is to check the battery. If it has been stored correctly and recharged at regular intervals, there are rarely any problems here. Before the first use, you should only fully charge the battery once.

However, if a deep discharge has taken place over the winter, you can only try to regenerate the accumulator over a long charging time. However, chargers often do not recognize deeply discharged batteries because there is no voltage at the contacts anymore. In such a case, unfortunately, it is necessary to purchase a new accumulator.

Checklist for electric lawn mowers

Cable condition

Owners of electric lawn mowers can rejoice, as these devices are among the most maintenance-friendly. In addition to the general all-around check, it is only recommended to check the cable and plug condition. Replace a defective or damaged cable immediately.

We hope that our little spring checklist will make it easier for you to start the new lawn mower season and wish you much pleasure with your retreaded mower.



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