Lawn care in summer

You were on vacation and could not mow your lawn for several weeks? The so-called vegetation point of the blade of grass is approximately halfway down the blade. This means that in most cases it is above the cutting length you set on your lawn mower. Read our tips for mowing after the vacation.

Achieving the optimal lawn length

In summer, the lawn needs extra care to stay beautiful green and healthy
In summer, the lawn needs extra care to stay beautiful green and healthy

So after your vacation, it’s not recommended to cut your lawn to its usual length in one pass. To achieve the ideal grass blade length, which is around 2.5 to 3 centimeters, of your ornamental lawn, several steps are usually necessary. Please also note that the grass plants in the shaded area of your garden and in autumn need more grass blade area due to the decreasing sunlight. Here you should leave the lawn about 2 cm higher.

Observe the “one-third rule” when mowing the lawn

The so-called “one-third rule” is a good guide. Mow the lawn so that you never cut off more than one-third of the leaf area in the first pass. Since it takes a relatively long time for the lawn plant to recover, by maintaining the vegetation point, you are providing your lawn with the opportunity to develop and sprout new side shoots.

This will make the lawn denser and less likely to burn in the sun. So give your lawn a little vacation so that it can now slowly get used to the “old” cutting height.



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