Choosing the Best Bristle Dartboard: What You Should Know Before Buying a Dartboard

best bristle dartboard

Playing darts with bristle dartboards is a sport that has been existing in many different cultures, countries, and ages for so many generations. With that much attention from people throughout the years, however, it is not quite easy to just go anywhere and pick the best bristle dartboard by yourself. 

Understanding the difficulty of dart lovers, today we will show you an honest buying guide on how to choose the best bristle dartboard for your own needs. Let’s jump on our main topic now to find out!

Picking the Best Bristle Dartboard for You

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Before choosing a bristle dartboard for yourself, you should ask yourself a few questions below:

Is It a Good Brand?

We do not think that the most famous brands are the best because you know, that might be because of their good promotion programs. But let’s be honest here, well-known brands means something.

One of the best things about more famous brands is that they have so many feedback years after years and you can read those compliments or criticism of the products to decide whether you should buy them or not.

We do not suggest you to only go after the most famous brands, but choose the ones that have enough information and feed back.for you to check. Picking a “no-name” product is definitely not what we recommend.

If you still do not know what brand to choose, you can take a look at the five best bristle dartboard brands we mentioned above. Those brands have been existing in the market for a long time and there is enough information for you to check. 

What is Your Purpose?

It is important to know your purpose. If you just want to play darts for fun without any professional purposes, then you will not need to be super picky about which one to choose. A cheap and normal bristle dartboard alone can satisfy your needs already.

If you take this sport seriously and see your future with it, then you will have to care more about many other factors to choose the right one for you. There are so many factors that make a good bristle dartboard, but in general, the two things you should first take a look at are the quality and the durability.

Are you going to use the dartboard for heavy use, then double sisal layers or rotating rings are crucial.

How Big is Your Budget?

best bristle dartboard brands

Even price is not “always” equal with quality, but “most of the time”, it is. If you go for the cheapest dartboard you can possibly find, then for sure it will not have the same quality as the ones that have higher price.

We all know the higher the price, the better the quality, however, going for the most expensive bristle dartboard might “hurt” your wallet. 

If you want to play darts professionally and you are ok with the prices, then go for it. But if you are not comfortable with the price, you can choose other products that have better price with slightly less quality. 

Features and Factors of a High-quality Bristle Dartboard


The main material of a bristle dartboard  is sisal. The reason why sisal is used to make dartboard is because it has the ability to “recover” to its original surface, while most other materials (like paper, wood, plastic, metal) cannot recover when the darts hit their surfaces.

The advantage of sisal is also its disadvantages. Because it is so dense, the darts are more likely to fall off the board especially if you do not throw them powerfully enough. 

For that reason, we recommend you ask the buyer about which dartboard is going to be the best fit for the darts that you choose.

best bristle dartboard 2020

Sisal surface can recover from its original state

The Size

The size of a dartboard matters. Why? If you choose a smaller dartboard for example, you might face difficulties when you play with the ones that are bigger. 

For most bristle dartboard brands, size is not a hard thing to choose, because most of them have the same size (18 diameter). You can easily know if it is the right size just by your eyes if you pay enough attention to the size of all the bristle dartboards you have been seeing.

Wiring System

In the past, bristle dartboards used to have much thicker wiring systems, and it was not the best to play with.

Thicker Wiring might make your darts fall off the dartboard. So nowadays, producers are trying to make it reasonably thinner to keep the darts sticking on the board better. This is also what you should pay attention for.

Some of the Best Bristle Dartboard Brands

We know it is confusing when it comes to picking a bristle dartboard if you look at the prices. Does a cheaper dartboard have lower quality and a more expensive dartboard  always have higher quality? Let’s take a look at five of the best bristle dartboard brands that have been recommended by real users and buyers.

Some bristle dartboard brands are better than the others

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best bristle dartboard will definitely make you and the people who join it with you have much more fun. Even though there are many brands of bristle dartboard out there in the marketplace, some are more suitable and more valuable than the others.

We hope this buying guide will help you to know exactly what to expect from the best bristle dartboard for yourself (or your people). Have a good time choosing and doing this interesting sport!

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