How To Use A Strimmer – This Is How You Work With Different Kind Of Strimmers

how to use a strimmer

Strimmer is known for its features such as string trimmers, line trimmers, weed-whackers, weed eater, and grass trimmers. They are all invented to create beautiful cuts even on the worst terrain. But do you know how to use a strimmer?

The following article will give you more insights into trimmer types as well as how to use weed eater effectively. Let’s scroll down to find out now!

How To Use A Strimmer

3 Types of Strimmer 

How many types of strimmers do you know? Considering it carefully before looking for how to use a strimmer can do you good. Let’s go!

how to use the strimmer


Electric trimmers run on electricity. Therefore, they are often quite cheap compared to other types on the market.

When using the electric trimmers, you can only work near the power source and the cable must belong. So it will be a bit inconvenient for this electric model.


A cordless trimmer is quite expensive in the market because of its flexibility. This trimmer runs on batteries, so you can use them anywhere for a limited period of time.

However, to avoid an aged battery, you should use them for at least 10 to 15 minutes after charging. You can then store them if you do not use them anymore.


If you do not know, petrol strimmer is the most expensive? They use petrol to run, which can actively produce significant results.

Great Rules for Safe Garden Strimming 

Not knowing how to use a strimmer means you are putting yourself in jeopardy.

Then, to ensure safety in your own garden, we have helped you make a list of guidelines to keep in mind when gardening. Let’s check!

how to use a Petrol strimmer

Wear the Appropriate Protective Gear

With a working speed of 3000 revolutions/minute, the trimming machine can hurt you if you do not have protective gear.

You need glasses and masks to protect your entire face. In addition, a sturdy pair of hand gloves and good shoes can help you avoid risks.

On the other hand, you should watch out for noise hazards too. When running, the strimmer makes a very annoying noise, so you can use several ear protectors to focus on working. 

Foresee Flying Debris

Overgrown grass can obscure debris that you can hardly see. So before using the strimmer, examine carefully the entire garden.

It will only take about 5 minutes but you can rule out the possibility of having trouble later on!

Look out for Hazards 

You should identify hazards right before you start using the strimmer. If you use an electric strimmer, cables will be a big deal. When cables are too long, you may trim the wire to bits when gardening because you cannot control them.

Besides, remember that you should never garden when it is raining or the ground is wet. You will probably be injured!

Keep Away from The Line End

The trimming line will probably be a danger that you cannot anticipate. Firstly, when the machine is operating, you should note that you have to wear suitable clothes.

Next, if you need to perform maintenance or repairs the line end, you should turn off the strimmer first and let it cool down completely before working. 

Be Careful of Surroundings

how to use a strimmer safely

You should make sure you have cleaned up everything before using the strimmer. The trimmer line is very sharp and fast, you will not be able to back up if a few items such as fences, pots, decorations around the road are cut.

At that time, everything will turn into debris, and on the other hand, these things can ruin your strimmer.

Wary of Liquid Fuels & Fumes

This is especially for petrol strimmer. So you need to learn how to start a petrol strimmer before using it.

When the strimmer starts, it emits toxic carbon monoxide. Therefore, you need a large and airy space to avoid inhaling too much of these toxic fumes.

Besides, when not in use, you need to store the petrol strimmer in a dry place, avoid fire, and preferably, do not leave them indoors.

Have Breaks

Strimmer makes a very loud noise and extremely strong vibration. So after a period of work, you need to rest.

This will help you return to balance and let the muscles relax. Listen to your body, do not try to overwork. It will never be effective!

Preparation of Using a Strimmer 

Now, please prepare carefully first if you want to learn how to use a strimmer in the most efficient way.

Preparation of Using a Strimmer

Read Your User Manual Carefully

Reading the instructions carefully is very important. Each type of strimmer will have different usage and storage, so you need to have a good understanding of garden tools.

You can read them on the packaging or on the purchase website.

Make Sure Your Garden is Prepared

As mentioned above, you should spend about 10 minutes checking the garden before starting the trimmer.

Please clean the furniture, decorate the house, and of course, leave the children and pets at a safe place too.

Wear Your Safety Equipment

You also need to protect yourself. Make sure that you wear protective gear thoroughly.

What you need is a pair of glasses, a mask, a pair of shoes and long-sleeved clothes. In addition, gloves and ear protectors are also essential.

How to Use a Strimmer as a Professional?

Yeah. Now you are eligible to start the strimmer. Let’s find out how to use a strimmer now!

How to use a strimmer as a professional

Understand the Cutting Direction of Strimmer

You must be wondering how to strim grass by a strimmer, right?

The strimmer works by vacuuming the grass and spool, then pushing the sawdust out of the machine. This lawnmower rotates clockwise.

Normally, for effective use, you should move a strimmer from right to left because the tool will push what you cut to the right, and you can see the cut point on the other side.

Remember Where the Cutting Power Is

Knowing where the cutting power of the machine is focused on is totally necessary. As you know the good spots of the strimmer, you can complete your work better. 

Technically, a strimmer applies a centrifugal force at high speed to do all the trimming jobs. When it reaches its maximal spinning, the line becomes so stiff, increasing the cutting potential greatly.

Typically, a non-advanced gardener will hover the machine over a part of the grass to do the cutting job. Unfortunately, that is the wrong way. 

In fact, trimming energy is focused on the most ends of the cutting line. So you need to place that spot on the grass in order to have the highest efficiency.


In conclusion, do you know how to use a strimmer now? As a main gardener in the family, you definitely need to remember the preparations and golden rules that must never be forgotten before gardening.

Hopefully, you can ensure safety for yourself and your family while using the strimmer. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, we will respond as quickly as possible.

Good luck!

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